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  • Sources of dried food: Egg and Bacon?

    This is your egg sorted:
  • Sources of dried ingredients: Hummus, Refried Bean

    It's a pity a tramping club couldn't buy the 25kg of egg powder and then people could buy some. I got given some one time and divided it up into ...
  • Back Country Crusine: Enough Calories per Serve?

    We covered much of this a while ago. All this packaged dehi is very low fat so relatively low calories. I never touch the stuff, though might get some freeze ...
  • Additives in commercial dehy meals

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    Spag bol. My fave home-made dehy meal. Haven't done dehy for awhile (been lazy), but when I do, I wrap any meat products in particular in foil before vac sealing. ...
  • dehydrators for eggs

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    Thanks All, for your contributions. :) There's been some behind scenes e-mailing as well. Looks like my super dooper Breville bench-top oven will possibly do a better job, without ...
  • Backcountry

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    Matthew got me onto the dehy refried beans. They were sold at Aji's in Christchurch. The rest of the stuff is available in supermarkets. New World stocks the 'Fresh As' ...
  • DIY Instant Food

    Gluten free snack bars. Might have to give one recipe a go.
  • Tuna sachets

    It could be as often its a by catch of various net fishing methods that would of been dumped but the fact that it is caught that way in large ...
  • Alternatives to Freeze Dried Meal Packs

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    Excellent ideas, Briar. Going to try dehydrating raw eggs as I get a lot from the lady next door. I grated my cheese on to baking paper and then dried it ...
  • Native Food

    Cabbage tree roots cooked in an umu apparently taste like ginger bread and were so esteemed that they were used in trade. There is an archeological site by the Dart ...
  • Suggestions sought for Egg Powder / Crystals

    Good to know about that, thanks Briar. I successfully dehydrated cheese recently - grated and dried on lowest heat setting on baking paper. However it too, needs to be ground ...
  • Yoghurt powder

    My partner uses this stuff in preference to milk powder as it mixes in perfectly i.e. smoothly. It also stays fresher than milk powder both in the cupboard and on ...
  • Backcountry Cuisine

    I like most of them. I try and get the Gluten-Free ones as I do better off gluten, so I enjoy the mexican chicken, tandoori chicken etc. I did really like ...
  • BCC Nutritional Data

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    Umami (savoury)
  • 2 seedling la lakers 109

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    This thread is positively inspiring. I'm reminded of a Goon show episode in which Major Bloodnock burnt all their provisions to ashes before embarking on a African expedition because, as he ...
  • Peanut butter sachets

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    The ones you get at breakfast buffets are very well priced.
  • Out Door Food - Survey on what is important to you

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    I'd rather just dehyrate and seal up my own. Then I know exactly what I'm getting, for a fraction of the price. Convenience, however, is a different matter, as these ...
  • (Scientific) resources

    I tramp with quite a few vegetarians and a few vegans. In the most part normal meals from those food types are fine with the provisos fast cooking extra carbs and ...
  • Meals without a cooker

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    Hi, Have you considered using a flameless heater pack to heat a BCC meal. All you need thne is your meal, the heater pack and some water. Plus the heater packs ...
  • lightweight food for tramping

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    Ha Ha. I had to laugh at your sardine comment, Geeves. Sometimes when Frank's eating his tin I think 'god, something's died around here' and then I realise it's just ...
  • powdered alcohol

    Powdered alcohol.... I shall have to try this weird phenomenon myself... Although, at $4 for one shot, I can't see this becoming a fixture in my pack. 1 litre of scotch, for ...
  • Most memorable tramping meal

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    True Jet, but I'm currently living in a tent at my work (yep). No oven. So I still need to get a new dehydrator. :D
  • Vegetarian recipes for dehydrater wanted

    Lentil curry? I have a recipe in the food forum which could then be dried. In my short-lived vegan phase I used to make heaps of bean stews in various ...
  • Favourite Easy Meal recipes

    Thai Green Curry Rice Risotto and Tuna Buy above risotto flavour plus a tin of Thai Green Curry Tuna. Boil 650 ml water and add to rice from packet; you don't have ...
  • Gluten Free ...

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    Found a recipe for pan fried gnocchi in the May 2014 Wilderness magazine: I'm figuring if I substitute chestnut/buckwheat/besan flours, this could work as a GF option. Be nice with ...

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