6 May

  • Updated layout of profile pages

18 February

  • Annual activity summary

3 January

  • Mostly bugfixes addressed with this release
  • Add distances to your track check-ins -- watch this space: more to come
  • Search members' photos


12 September

  • Highlight reactions in forum summaries, also you can react to your own post, because why not?
  • Non-signed in users can flag forum posts
  • Many bugfixes
    • Member name spoofing hack occurred and was mitigated
  • New member profile pages

18 July

  • Many bugfixes
  • Users logging in on multiple devices were finding other devices logged out
  • New forums emoji reactions

24 June

  • Refactor logic around remembered login

10 June

  • Migrate to new hosting platform

25 April

  • New sign-up workflow

12 April

  • Forums: add thread closure notice at top
  • Photograph sorting by date added
  • Updated home page
  • Several bugfixes

7 April

  • Forums: An URL of an image will display the image
  • Rebuilds of many minor pages
  • Many bugfixes
  • New login form and account recovery if you have forgotten your password
  • Slightly improved performance

30 January

  • Add topomaps
  • When you start a new forum thread, you can no longer fully delete your post as this is the thread's original post. You can clear the content of the post.
  • Resolve bugs with thread sorting, nearby object sorting, empty GPS track segments, font loading

18 January

8 January

  • Returned emoticons to forum messages alongside emojis.

  • Enhanced forum reactions.

  • Explore all the photographs added by yourself or by other members.


23 December

  • Forums redesigned and rebuilt:
    • Better support for mobile devices (the forums should look good on your phone)
    • style your messages with MarkDown syntax
    • A vast array of embeddable emoji
    • "ground rules" -- thread guidance from the original poster
    • react to posts with an emoji. Sometimes that's all you need.

30 August

  • Lazy load images on the home page reduces mobile device bandwidth consumption: images only load as you scroll.
  • Filter members' check-ins by type.

18 August

  • Feature check-ins on home page
  • New check-in time line view on profile pages
  • New favourite / Check in buttons on tracks, huts, etc

4 August

  • Track display changes, including ability to mark accessible tracks
  • Add markers for the start and end points of tracks for precise driving times
  • Migrate the visitors book to "Check ins" which are more intuitive to new users
  • Many, many bugfixes

20 June

  • Update home page layout
  • Progressive loading of images on Photographs page

14 April

  • Show hut and campsite alerts provided by DOC
  • Improved respect for manual positioning of photographs and other objects in articles
  • Hut summaries marking huts as "removed" incorrectly
  • Map sometimes zoomed out too far
  • Stop automatic closure of forum threads
  • Several minor bugfixes

22 March

  • Throttle back the forum posting of new members to 1 message every 10 minutes. This is intended to impact spammers. Other users should not be too affected. 
  • New footer.
  • Add new default tracks to the logged-out home page.

21 February

  • Return alerts to listings
  • Restyle merged content and redirect search engines with canonical urls.

17 January

  • More information about huts: are they locked or sole occupancy? Credit where it's due: you can now record full owner and maintainer information.
  • Menu: updated for clarity and usability.
  • Mapping: added links to other great mapping resources, a new "full screen" button.
  • GPS files: visual update, each section is now imported separately, and full screen buttons on maps. 
  • Related tracks and places: visual update
  • Editing: updated WYSIWYG editor.
  • Other visual updates and a few bugfixes.


6 December 

  • Reskinned tracks, articles, hut listings etc.
  • Bigger images, fully responsive
  • Better integration of GPS data with track listings

24 July

  • Community values

11 June

  • the site is now full time HTTPS, in line with modern web standards. This means that information sent to and from the site is fully encrypted. 
  • The Track Finder geolocation feature was disabled for HTTP in the latest Chrome browser. Now that the site is HTTPS, that feature is back.
  • Search has been rebuilt. The interface is new. You can also search your favourites or your contributions. This will be developed further in time. 

28 January

  • Added a search button to the top navigation rail.
  • Mark tracks, photos, etc as favourites. This is a reinstatement of the old "bookmarks" feature so some long-time users will see their old bookmarks return. 
  • Added "locate me" icon to map and shifted position of detail popups
  • A few style changes on mail screens, including avatars 
  • Rewrote mail engine 
  • Restyled photographs screen to work properly on mobile 
  • Added some forum moderation information 
  • Hotkeys have been updated. See an overview by pressing: Shift + / .


20 December

  • Improved home page layout, adding a quick scroll through the sections.

9 December

  • Redesigned home page layout. Goals were to make the home page more dynamic and more interesting.
  • Added Photographs link to the top navigation rail.
  • Change image engine so that missing images are generated dynamically as needed. This should eliminate broken images once deployed everywhere. 
  • Added track road access fields, plus search for tracks based on road access. 
  • When you run a search, you can now filter your results by type. 
  • Added driving directions for campsites. 
  • Fix "nearby" and "related" links. 

19 October

  • Can't select text. This was caused by the swipe control for opening the menu. I have disabled swiping open, but you can still swipe closed. Swipe open was also causing some issues when you scroll vertically but slightly crooked. 
  • Couldn't edit gpx files. 
  • Flagging messages in the forums not working.

11 October

  • Email notifications on internal messages (you need to turn this on in your profile) 
  • New, more obvious mail icon 
  • Bug fix: profile menu not functional on touch screens 
  • Bug fix: search no longer receives focus automatically on the side menu. This was a problem on touch screens as the keyboard would appear. If you want to search quickly on a desktop PC you can just hit this key: "/". 
  • On touch screens you can now swipe left to pull out the menu or swipe right to hide it. I am still experimenting with the usability of this. 
  • Search box now has an "X" so you can clear it easily. To avoid confusion, I have changed the button that closes the menu to an arrow rather than another "X". 
  • Reduced level of advertising. 
  • Bug fix: track finder

9 October

  • Email notifications returned
  • More obvious mail icon 
  • Touch-friendly profile menu 
  • Various menu usability tweaks 

24 September

  • New menu with mobile compatibility, search, hotkeys (hit ? to see them), and touch. 
  • Trip reports have always been neglected. I want to show them a bit more respect. The first step is to give them a menu item. I have also added menu items for rock bivs and beginners' guides. 
  • New layout for photographs with just-in-time image generation engine. 
  • Many bug fixes -- I think all the major issues that were reported have been dealt with. Thanks for your patience! 

5 March

  • Internal messaging is now available, but you do need to turn it on for your profile. 
  • I have modified the infrastructure so that future JavaScript and style updates should update on your browser automatically (no more clearing cache). 
  • Changed the wording around hut water supplies slightly. 
  • The home page now looks OK on mobile devices. I will be working on the rest of the site progressively as time allows.


22 October 

  • Associate GPX paths with tracks so that you can view paths on maps instead of a set of points. For example.

28 August

  • Add GPX trails to the full screen map
  • Add byline to top of articles as requested
  • Minor home page modifications
  • Modify object URLs to enhance search engine visibility and hence traffic
  • Update WYSIWYG editor

30 July

  • Added proposed grade changes to some tracks
  • Fix bug with gaps in GPX trails
  • Fix map view: GPX trails were flooding the map with points, so that other objects would not show

20 July

  • Redesigned full screen map, with performance and functionality improvements.
  • Restored a small stats panel and modified tracking infrastructure.
  • New place finder helps you search parks and other places. 
  • Trialling a new place to record rock bivs.
  • Revisit image performance and quality. Start generating double-resolution images for high-dpi devices.
  • Further support for touch.
  • Addressed performance by removing unnecessary code and shifting to asynchronous loading where possible.

12 June

  • Manual closure of forum topics. Topics may be closed if discussions are not conducted in a civil manner. 
  • Automated closure of forum topics. Old and inactive topics will be closed automatically after 14 days. Members are encouraged to start new topics.

5 June

  • New interactive hero image for the home page.
  • Edit your forum posts.
  • Images and emoticons now display in forums automatically.
  • New layout for hut information, including mobile phone coverage (there's no data for that yet!).
  • Adopt standard "arrow" icons for search "near me".
  • Add touch support to track finder sliders
  • Smaller social media icons
  • Several bug fixes for web feeds, places pages, iOS layout, people search, logs, automated processes.

7 May

  • New look for the home page.
  • Changes to the top navigation rail.
  • A new blog!
  • Greater emphasis on adding content.
  • Bugfixes with forum pagination, viewing places, and viewing user profiles.

27 March

  • Updated the forum rules.
  • Added ability to branch topics in forums.
  • Deleted messages in forums are now noted in the topic thread.
  • "Flagging" forum messages now results in a request for moderation rather than hiding messages immediately.

12 March

  • Restored line breaks to forums
  • Address user profile authentication error
  • Restore colour coding when comparing revisions
  • Fix problem with apostrophes in point selector (locations with points would not work)
  • Add water details for huts and campsites
  • Fix the default campsite category
  • Add new hut categories: Derelict hut, Overnight use prohibited, and Club hut
  • Add new hut owners: NZDA
  • Add hut "removed or destroyed" flag
  • Fix errors with alerts not showing
  • Change how alerts are displayed
  • Add track status for the Great Walks

26 February

  • Added ability to hide users in forums. This is done from the user's profile page. Use with care.
  • Added automatic linking of @username in forums to users' profiles.
  • Added a new shortcut url: /?@username takes you to a profile page.
  • Rebuilt the bootstrapping infrastructure which should allow the site to recover from any outages without intervention.
  • Fixed a significant issue with passwords for new users -- the password checker was too fussy.
  • Add wilderness areas page.
  • Ensure the "Edit" button only appears if you are able to edit.
  • Rework the marginal comments form.
  • Fix a number of minor bugs.
  • Get forum links going to the tail of the topic, not the head. Also, tweak paging with head/tail buttons.
  • Merged objects didn't have a warning.
  • Improved search handling of objects with accents and macrons.


19 November 

  • Updated the WYSIWYG editor to the latest edition (released last Thursday).

6 November

  • Redesigned members' and visitors' home pages, with photo grid, forum messages, link to Facebook in margin. "What's new" is shifted off the home page. Day walks are no longer featured on the member's home page. 
  • New pages for national parks, conservation parks, World Heritage Areas under "Places" menu.
  • GPX section page has been redesigned.
  • GPX file processing has been re-engineered. Changes will allow the future plotting of tracks on maps.
  • Where GPX files have elevation profiles, point to the profile to see the point on the map.
  • When adding GPX files, it is no longer necessary to supply points. These are read from the GPX file.
  • Alerts appear on related items -- e.g. a track alert could appear on a national park page.
  • Many minor enhancements.

2 July

  • It's been a long wait but the track finder tool is finally here! Give it a try.
  • Profile pages have been updated, now split into sections with more information.
  • A few forum bugs fixed, including inaccurate page numbering.

25 April

  • New map. Turn on layers and explore.
  • View and share GPX files.
  • Upload and view high resolution profile photos.

28 March

  • You can now edit your profile.
  • Alerts page.
  • New photograph large view.
  • And...lots and lots of bugfixes.

13 March

  • Photograph upload is back!
  • Photographs throughout the site have been freshly generated, so quality should be better.
  • Search results are much improved.

13 January

  • Forums are back online! Thanks for being patient. There will be further work on the forums to come.  I have renamed some forums, merged one, and added new forums for Great Walkers and long walks. If they are useful, we'll keep them.

6 January​

  • Welcome to the new site. Please bear with me as I get everything back up and running.
    • Join / sign in & out.
    • View profiles.