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Light and up to the job has a value that can only be appreciated by those willing to pay. My winter bag has a similar rating 1 2/3 times the weight and quarter the price. ...
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Many thanks nzbazza — much appreciated! Cheers, Alan
Neato, will check out farmlands next time I'm there!
If you plan to hike for a few miles for about one to two hours, then running shoes should be fine. However, if you are planning for a hike that covers a longer distance, I ...
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Yeah - I went and had a look at the crampons they usually lend out, they're a flexible kind (and locking for stiff boots). Thanks for all the advice guys!
My XXL Moa overtrousers weigh 288g and that's with the extensive duct tape repairs on the lower inside seams. I guess that makes them heavy duty in some parts.
Bait the rat trap without getting your hands dirty. You will hear a buzzer which will confirm that it has been engaged.This rat trap is very easy to clean. Just wash the trap with soapy ...
True, usb-c headphones exist! I'd forgotten. Might be an idea.
might be cheaper to buy second hand theres a website here called trademe, get as much as you can second hand, renting won't be cheap... and you can still sell it when you're finished. or ...
Enjoying seeing a bit of discussion here :) Thanks Ian_H, you’ve answered one thing in particular I was wondering about – how to climb down and not leave rope behind. Hadn’t been thinking about river ...
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Will it still be hot?
I have a primus omnifuel that I bought for a trip to Nepal back in about 2002. It burns just about anything. But, it weight ~600g, and is the loudest gas burner I have encountered ...
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Much appreciated bigpaul
I use the Solomon XA Pro 3D wide trail shoes and think they're pretty good.
Take it back to the shop where you bought it and see if they can fix it? Thread a straightened out paper clip through, use it to pull a piece of string through then pull ...
The NZ Topo50 app on my iPhone works a treat in most instances. In fact on a recent trip on the Dusky everyone we met was using this app and spoke highly of it. Will ...
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Really appreciate this thread. It came just in time after my 5000mAH powerbank crapped out and refused to charge at the 11th hour before a 5 day tramp. Never go cheap and get a powerbank ...
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That adapter is available on aliexpress so no need to figure out. However do consider those canisters are straight butane with a boiling point of -0.5. Not great in cold weather
rely on physical vents for breathability, it trumps breathable membranes hands down
Thanks for your replies. Yes, sleeping in a wet tent would be a nightmare!. That Nomad tent looks pretty good and at a decent price. Anyone had experience with them?
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Thanks everyone for the advice! Another present sorted :-)
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Hi There was a post started a few years ago on favourite NZ tramping books . To add to that Shaun Barnett has just put out a lovely book “Across the Pass, “ with a wide ...
3M transpore is bloody good tape for mending holes in duvet jackets. It tears into the desired size easily and survived being washed, no trouble. It would be just as good for a sleeping bag. ...
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