Peanut butter - double bagged

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Haven't tried it yet. Anybody got a better way (other than Pics slugs)?. ""A standard 18oz peanut butter jar will completely fit in a quart ziplock. Double bag in a second ziplock, cut off the corner of the inner ziplock and use it like a cake frosting piping bag. Before double bagging squeeze the peanut butter about half an inch from the cut corner and fold it over a little before inserting into the double bag."" Maybe a small bag clip over the corner of the 'cut' bag ?. Maybe ration the jar into a few intact zip-lock bags to be cut at stages on a multi-day ?.
Don't really understand what they're achieving by double bagging but cutting up the inner zip lock? Regardless, zip locks come in a huge variety of sizes. I've "borrowed" some from work that would only hold one of those Pic's PB slugs, to huge ones that would hold several jars worth. The slugs are great though, they're what I take when I feel like some PB. The little bulldog clip that comes in the box is always useful for other things, as well.
To me it sounds like you squeeze the PB from a cut corner of the inner bag (into mouth I presume), then you place it inside the second outer bag to prevent mess. I do the same with mashed kumara with extra butter. Personally I just eat PB straight out of a plastic jar with a spoon or finger. If I'm feeling like a change then Hazelnut/choc spread instead.
We've used refillable plastic tubes for applying PB when baiting - like toothpaste tubes but bigger - about 200ml. Screw on lid at top end. Open at base end and sealed by folding over repeatedly and either tapeing or sliding on a plastic clamp/ bulldog clip. I can find out where they come from if you like. That said I find a plastic jar & lolly stick (or twig) easier to use. Probably a sacrilage to the Pics faithful to put Pics into a plastic shop-brand jar, but way lighter than glass! Not sure what your PB application is and if this helps!
Thanks all. I see Coghlans have open ended tubes, with a clamp. $15-18 a pair. I've known people refill small plastic toothpaste tubes the same principle. I think there's plenty of silicon product will do similar, easier, these days. Seen a number of Europeans doing the TA on flat bread, PB & olive oil. Saw an Aussie making next days lunch with a jar of PB & Farrah wraps. She was ammazed at the shelf-life of the flat bread. I just thought I wanted better than lugging a jar. I'm thinking peanut butter will be a staple this season. Ziplock bags appeal cos I can minimise weight, ration what I need & gain space as I go. Bit easier to fill. Cheaper than the excellent 'Pics in a slug'. If Farrahs wraps are good for 5 days after initial opening, maybe I should just bag the sandwiches ready made ?. Cheers !.
I find p.b. on bread much less palattable after 24hrs (ie yesterdays sandwiches). Not sure if its a reaction with moisture in the bread or with the air or something else entitely but the flavour changes significantly (to me). But you might be able to avoid this by sealing well and/or using very dry flatbreads. Or just your original plan of making up your meal each day.
Frank and I routinely have a PB/vege spread (GF vegemite) sandwich after we get back to the car. He makes them with lashings of butter or margarine in his case and lavish application of filling. I used to feel sorry for him eating one of those 4 day old sandwiches until he offered to share one with me. So now he makes one for me as well. The nicest Gf bread for that is either the Pavillion Chia or the Home St Keto bread which is very moist.
I'd like to try!
I had always assumed vegemite was gluten free. I just read the warning suggesting it MAY contain barley or wheat. I was a little embarrassed last i was in Pak n Save in ChCh and looking over Kathryn's shoulder at the spreads on the bottom shelf. There were several jars of vegemite and i saw egemite and instantly said 'hey look there's an egemite. Is that some kind of new vegemite to appeal to vegans or vegetarians or something.' Confused I was because i assumed it was made somehow using eggs. It didn't make alot of sense. Further investigation revealed the 'v' was hidden because it had been smeared with something black. presumably and ironically, vegemite.
I like peanut butter but the thought of eating it by the tablespoon makes my teeth stick together. Maybe I should add more chilly flakes
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On 21 October 2019
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