What is your favoutire Back Country Cuisine meal?

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With so many different Back Country Cuisine options to choose from, we are interested in hearing what peoples Back Country Cuisine recommendations are on what your favorite Back Country meal is. http://bit.ly/2q479nQ
Have tried many over the years, most are mediocre, a few are gross... the two consistently good ones are Beef and Pasta Hotpot Roast Lamb. The deserts are also nice, but not worth the price/weight.
I don't really like Back Country. Not even sure how they've come to be the most sold/promoted tramping meal. They remind me of a quote from Crocodile Dundee; "Well, you can live on it, but it tastes like shit". Overpriced (not your fault Moose), underwhelming in flavour and ability to satisfy, I've only bought Back Country if they were on sale for a REALLY low price.
What other brands do you prefer then @Kreig?
Despite probably weighing a bit more, the Kawrka range are probably my favourite. Although I am aware that there isn't the same profit margin for retailers. Outdoor Gourmet Company aren't bad either. I do like the Back Country smoothies though. Just a bit expensive, given you can pick up a Kaweka meal for a similar price.
Absolute Wilderness Mushroom Risotto and their Wilderness Stew are both pretty good. Sometimes the Mushroom risotto needs a little extra to go with it. Portions a bit small.
I just buy their dehy mince packets. Half a packet of dehy mince, 300 g or so of rice, pasta or couscous, packet of soup and or Japanese curry block, big lug of olive oil, shake of surprise peas / garlic flakes / coconut powder etc and boil it up and that's dinner for me and three kids. $4 for the dehy mince, a couple of dollars for the rest of the stuff so perhaps $2 per person for dinner, beats $12 - $14 per person for these BCC meals. It works out lighter than BCC meals due to less packaging and much higher fat content so almost twice the calories for the weight than these no fat packets that leave you starving after even a two serve packet.
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Where do you buy the dehy mince from?
Most tramping supply shops(Bivouac,Torpedo)have the mince.Available online too.I`d echo Ian Hs` comments about adding goodies to the dehy mince is a tasty,nutricous,lightweight option.
BCC sell packets of dehy mince, about $8 per 160 g packet from Pak'n Save last time I got some: http://backcountrycuisine.co.nz/bcc/index.php/archives/226 Does anyone have another source of plain freeze dried mince in NZ? I remember buying 1 kg bags of the stuff from Alliance 30 years ago.
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Started by RedMoose
On 11 May 2017
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