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Hurrah! The problem mentioned above was the issue, it took a couple tweaks to resolve. I think it’s right now. I could also add the option to log out of ...
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Agreed. Some buttons would be great. I'll get that on the list.
Another glitch it would seem - photos are again grey boxes (in samsung browser but ok in chrome) on the home page and photographs pages. They are OK, however, if ...
Seems good @Matthew. Just added Worsley Rock Biv without issues.
the forum on widescreen monitors is only making use of about 50% the available space, which is kinda annoying - but no biggie.
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I was thinking of removing these anyway. Not good to hear they’re blocking content!
... or geographical proximity ?
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Noted. Btw the emoticon fix plus seeing who reacted are both done but not deployed.
Matthew, the home page is behaving strangely (last couple of days) - the menu bar places itself off to the right, sometimes so far that none of it is visible ...
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Sorry should be working now.
Yep, all good here too. Thanks Matthew.
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I'll check this out, thanks.
Good detective work! The time descriptions are actually done in the browser. If your timezone is not NZ then they are incorrect. I have a fix for this ready for ...
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If you're typing somewhere (this website or elsewhere) and want to paste a link directly to a comment, you can paste the permanent link. It'll go to the correct comment ...
Sorry about that missing link. It's on the work list. A bit short of time at the moment.
Thanks Bernie, that's fixed now. Alerts were not clearing out properly.
Not as yet. We need it though, clearly.
A member notified me yesterday of a real estate agent using their image without permission. Any images you share here remain your property, although you can add a Creative Commons ...
Auto-closed threads are now reopened. The only ones I've left closed are ones that were not constructive, and closed manually. Enjoy!
@Matthew - I'm guessing you've disabled hyperlinks in forums to discourage spam - fine idea, if so. But we seem to have lost all other formatting too - line breaks, ...
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Happy to add these if you think they would be useful. Better to have fewer, busier forums than a bunch of empty ones. But I can certainly spin them up. ...
I do like the fact that the most recent articles appear on the home page as you can easily see when something new is added. (although I have just noticed ...
Fixed this bug plus one other. Thanks for reporting it!
Yep. Mail is all good now. Thanks :)
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