Instant Kumara Mash

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After seeing some instant sweet potato brands online/o'seas (even the Australians have one ... Edgell), I always wanted to try it instead of Instant Potato flakes. I was shopping at Pak'n'Save Sylvia Park and noticed there was a new item in the form of Instant Kumara Mash! It's in a 50gm pack, which you add 180ml of hot water, which will make just over 230gm of kumara mash. This is a perfect size for someone hungry and is not satisfied with a single portion dehydrated meal. Or use it with a two-portion dehydrated meal and have a smaller portion each. The brand name is Sunny Hill (Nutritious foods Ltd), who makes Kumara Chips, which I haven't seen before. Nutritionally it's a little less energy/protein and more carbs(sugar) than Cinderella potato flakes. I just tried it with some leftover stew and it's got the similar texture of instant potatoes (not so fluffy), but with the orange kumara taste. Overall I was quite pleased with it. I think I paid $1.80 for it, which works out close to 5x the equivalent cost of mash potato by served weight. But this the sort of difference I see when buying potatoes in larger quantities vs Kumara by the kg. It would be good to offer larger packets at a better price point, for people like me who prefer Kumara to potato(in general). But as it stands, it's a perfect size to take with you as a filling accompaniment to an existing meal.
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Thanks nice to know. I love kumara
I will be looking out for this one.
Sounds like a great addition to the carbs options. I notice it contains milk: "Instant Kumara Mash is enriched with milk and has a delicious natural flavour." I hope it's selling and Pakn'Save here in Chch.
Absolute Wilderness do a "kumara & potato mash". Not sure if it's a currently stocked item, but saw it on display, the other day, in either Bivouac or Hunting & Fishing.
I saw a recipe the other day for pancakes made from mashed kumara, flour and salt. Possibilities there too and even for a kumara gnocchi. I found a recipe for dehydrated potato gnocchi. A lot of Americans have recipes for food that can be stored e.g. the LDS people.
Been looking at dried potato gnocchi recipes. YIt's a cup of flakes added to a cup of boiled water and then mixed with a cup of flour. Rolled into a ball, left for 15 minutes in a cold place to stiffen. Then divided in half, rolled into 2 long ropes of half an inch thick and then chopped into 1 1/2cm lengths and then added to boiling water until they float to the top. Easy but I haven't tried it yet! Be nice fried after they've been boiled too. For gluten-free versions, people use rice flour or a commercial gf flour. Mind you, potato flour would probably work.
Sounds great. Just a damn shame its kumara. lols
I could definitely be interested - love Kumara. The packaging looks non-reusable and non-recyclable. It would be better to get in bulk.
That kumara mash has potato flakes in it. A bit pricey for what it is really but despite this I have bought it a few times. Vegans may want to note it has casein in it as well.
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On 15 August 2017
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