Cous Cous and vege soup mix

More ideas for quick prepare foods that have recently appeared on the shelves of my local Pak'nSave. ![Imgur]( Couscous is great .... literally pour over boiling water and cover it for a little while. The trouble is it's pretty bland on its own (at home we prepare with finely chopped/fried veges and seasoning). With the added flavours, it should taste quite a bit better. ![Imgur]( Normally I wouldn't look too hard at a soup mix, but this one looks good with a variety of veges.
Do you get the Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous in NZ? It's terrific, comes in a range of flavours like Wild Mushroom, Roasted Vegetable, Moroccan Medley and Spice Sensation. They're good enough on their own or you can add finely chopped veg. You just place the contents of the packet in 160mls of boiling water, stir well and let sit for 3 to 5 minutes.
Not a fan of all that pre mixed rubbish. Just get simple couscous llike San Remo 1/2 cup. Make your own spice mix (mine 1/2 tsp turmeric,cumin,coriander,paprika,1/4 tsp chilli) and dehy vege chuck some salami or jerky in and your away. Much cheaper much nicer and no preservatives (well less).
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I can recall the Ainsley Herriott couscous mix here in NZ (before I went GF in 2011). There is a corn-based couscous available here too but I haven't seen it around lately.
Delamaine make a wholemeal organic couscous that my local supermarket has just stopped stocking :( Add in a soup packet (& a bit more water), dehy veges, sometimes a small tin tuna or salami, spice mix, instant mash if soggy. All good for endless meals.
Maybe I can try soaked parched dehy buckwheat instead as it's GF. The salami sounds good. We need protein to repair the damage to our muscles or they will cannabilise other muscles to effect repair.

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Started by pseudo
On 16 November 2018
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