Powdered alt milks

Just found this range at Countdown, including soy, oat, almond, and coconut. Unclear how much it makes as the instructions suggest 500mL while the packaging says “up to one litre.” Price is $4-$5 for 1/2 litre. Bought some but haven’t tried them. https://www.byharvest.co.nz/100-not-milk-powders
Worth every penny for those allergic to standard milk. I had seen these recently and def keen to try. Seem to have a short use by date however, on the ones I saw anyway.
I would be a little careful with that harvest brand oil if you have allergies. Picked up a bottle of peanut oil a while ago and read the label. Its blended with soy oil. That brings up 2 points. First this stuff was the same price as any other peanut oil but soy is much cheaper. Second and more important. I often tramp with someone who has a severe soy allergy. Was tempted to ask the shop staff if that oil was safe for someone with a soy allergy to see if they killed her or not.

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Started by matthew
On 21 October 2017
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