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I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Milford Track for 4 people over Easter however I can’t get childcare for that weekend. I’m looking for someone to trade either Milford Track or Kepler ...
Hi @dreambroom - is this still available? If so, do you recall whether this is a S, M or L pack?
@dreambroom. Sorry for delay in reply. Just finished a late dinner and dishes. You can send an internal mail message (from the Mail item in your NZ Tramper Profile menu; select antico as the To: ... ...
I own several other tents and tend to tramp alone so no longer have a need for this guy. Be about 20 years old but only used a few times so in pretty good nick. Seems ...
Hey guys! We are Y13 high school students and we are doing an innovation business project on “single use soaps”. As for our primary target market is towards 'Trampers in NZ', we would really appreciate it ...
Hi, Are any of these still available? thanks :)
Hi Jules. I know this is an old thread but do you still offer this? I'm hoping to do the crossing next week but don't think I can carry my little guy! And if not, ...
Let us know how you get on as we also have a booking for a child who no longer wants to come with us.
Essentially as-new, just worn around the house and a few hours outdoors while trying to decide if they're for me. Excellent for wider feet, just turns out I'm a US9.5 rather than a US10 so these ...
Essentially as-new, just worn around the house and a few hours outdoors while trying to decide if they're for me. Asking $600, viewable here:
$125 shipped?
dam I see this is now sold. A pity as I am divorced now and need a one man tent:)
Hello Lempo, Do you stil have it by any chance ? Sam.
Tent is sold
No, a 'cactus huntaway' ! Yes, I know, now, it's a pack (a very small one, imo) but before I looked it up, my imagination ran riot :smile: (your pic is obviously a solar flare)
Amazing lightweight 3 season backpacker tent Currently also on trademe if you want to view photos etc. Used max 10 times on a camp site in Switzerland. No rips or anything and been stored in spare ...
I drop mine off in the hospital outpatients waiting room and they are popular.
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Hi Is this tent still for sale? Thanks BJ
FOR SALE - Scarpa Mythos Women's hiking boots Size 38 Euro RRP $599 selling $275 + postage. Top quality high end tramping boot worn only a couple of times. Unfortunately for me, I was oversold - ...
I thought you had pretty much answered your own question with the first post. I've always visited an outdoor ed centre or backpackers to palm off any gas cylinders.
5 Assorted lengths as part of BD 'ScrewUp' kit. Never used. Each retails upwards of from A$85. Post from Perth. All 5 - $350 The easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet. Advanced tooth geometry ...
We have one each. Great jackets and perfect for on-the-move.
Friends; I've just listed my surplus Last Rite boots on Trademe here: Brand new LastRite trampers, size 7. Check Last Rite's size guide here:
Hey! Check out this pack on trademe. If someone from this group purchases with buy now, mention you've seen this post and you can have it for $250 including postage or drop off! Also selling ...
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