Peanut butter - double bagged

Haven't tried it yet. Anybody got a better way (other than Pics slugs)?. ""A standard 18oz peanut butter jar will completely fit in a quart ziplock. Double bag in a second ziplock, cut off the corner of the inner ziplock and use it like a cake frosting piping bag. Before double bagging squeeze the peanut butter about half an inch from the cut corner and fold it over a little before inserting into the double bag."" Maybe a small bag clip over the corner of the 'cut' bag ?. Maybe ration the jar into a few intact zip-lock bags to be cut at stages on a multi-day ?.
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I'd like to try!
Bin Inn used to do 'Grind-your-own-PB'. Straight into the zip-lock would be handy.
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Or maybe just take the pladtic jar it came in.
Nalgene containers are light, watertight and easy to fill, clean and re-use.
PB is a lunch staple on vita-wheat biscuits for me. I carry it in the plastic jar the pb comes in - jar weighs 38g. For a 30g difference, ziploks aren't robust enough imo. Shorter trips, I'll put some in a smaller jar at just 23g. BTW, aardvark, your idea of lightweight is a little different to mine. 1L nalgene weigh 177g compared to (eg) a 2L juice/vinegar bottle at 68g.
Yeah but a 60 - 100ml nalgene could be sufficient and i wouldn't take a whole jar of peanut butter. If i only have a half jar or less there is the space to consider sometimes. It's good to have options and we're simply sharing ideas for other people to consider too. I too have used and will again use clip seal bags on occasion. Especially if it's sharing space in another container.
Would 100ml cut it? Pro-active (OP) was talking about 18oz - 450 to 500g. The smallest nalgene (that would be big enough) I could find was the 1L variety. That's what I thought you were recommending as a lightweight solution. Sure, ziploks can be useful - I just wouldn't risk pb double-bagged in my pack. Pro-active, another consideration is reuse-ability.
I've got nalgenes from 5ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml etc. Round ones, square ones, different plastics etc. They're out there. A daywalk with a half packet of crackers. I might have vegemite too, or jam. I mean a meal for me is usually a variety of different things. I get bored with lots of one item.
I've discovered the Pics PB slugs. Great with those oversweet muesli bars as it reduces the GI when eaten in tandem. Pics PB is runnier, oilier and has more salt than our usual PB we buy so I prefer it for the slug format.
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Started by Pro-active
On 21 October 2019
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