Egg Powder

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Has anyone had experience with using egg powder? I am wondering how it would go in corn fritters etc. Also where would one purchase this product?
catering shop. More than 30 years since last used. Then it was like instant mash spud. You could serve both mash spud or dehy scrambled egg as one lump or two and the only way to tell them apart was the colour. Modern instant spud is much nicer now hopefully egg is as well. Try bulk catering shops
Farm Pride is a brand i have in the cupboard at home. Made in Victoria Aust.
We used to use egg powder in the hills back in the 1970's. At first it came in tins then cartons. Most people didn't like it much but I didn't mind it and would make up a camp oven full of scrambled eggs every now and again & also used it as an ingredient in camp oven fruit cakes. When eaten in large quantities such as the scrambled eggs it would cause flatulence. Earlier this year at Frew hut JH found the remnants of a pkt of egg powder & cooked it up for breakfast. (I didn't have any) Unfortunately he got crook with bad stomach pains, wind & cramp & didn't come right for a couple of days)
I have no idea about this egg powder. In which items we should use this egg powder?
egg powder can be made into scrambled eggs and maybe omelettes but if youve tasted the real thing you would only try this once. It is more used as an egg substitute in cooking ie if recipe says add egg you can use egg powder and water. Most of the cakes in the supermarket have egg powder in them
Actually, Egg crystals are the way to go: check out this place: They really do make eggs taste like eggs - scrambled eggs real nice - honest.
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Just bought some at Hamill's in Colombo St. $15 for 128g if you want a small amount. I'm planning to use it in french toast with my actually edible non-crumbling white gluten-free bread I've discovered at Countdown. Also added it to a potato-cake recipe I've cobbled together whicvh also has buckwheat flour in for us GF types. I'll use coconut oil to fry with as it has a higher smoke point than most other fats. It's solid until 25 degrees so no danger of leaking if kept cool in the pack etc.
Yes, coconut oil - we are using some of this on long tramp in food drops - very high in calories for weight, and as you say, solid until 25 degrees. Also using olive oil for high calorie content per gram.
Yup. We had 500ml bottles of olive oil on our food drops and poured it into the meals ad libertum. Love the stuff.
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Started by Kokako
On 30 December 2011
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