Anybody taking Turmeric ?.

I read it takes about 2 weeks to kick-in. Those who then come off it notice the downside within a few days ?. I'm talking about the 500-1000mg circumin dose rather than as cooking seasoning.
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@pseudo - Double dare ya ! You'll notice the difference within a week. Your 1st cycle's the best. ;) I can understand Giuseppe's complaint. Turmeric does overwhelm. And you need many teaspoons to get a prophylactic dose of circumin, hence tablets. edit: There may well be a degree of faddishism with supplements, just as there are Instagram poseurs who put up a tent at Roys Peak, just for the photo, as if they had done something more. But, if you're serious about reaping a health benefit then you need to discern the effective dose of the active ingredient. Hence, the 500-1000mg of curcumin.
I have no health issues as such, so have no inclination to take large amounts of a particular spice (or most other stimulants) My wife has taken a lot of it, and it hasn't make a bar of difference to her (apart from being affected by irritable bowel issues) Circumin, is known as an inflammatory (although many conflicting results from clinical trials) but there's only something like 2% in turmeric. Haha, that Test Freak Product contains Fenugreek ... I was wondering when they would start exploiting it.
Just looked up "" /s "" It's called the 'sarcasm switch' & indicates the presesnce of sarcasm. Didn't know that.
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Started by Pro-active
On 7 February 2019
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