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A couple of mates have recently caught the tramping bug and are keen to do a 2-6 day tramp in the next month or two. We all recently live on the north island, so aren't ...
Will check in on farmlands and the like. Cheers all
Third vote for the Exped, looks to be the best of the mainstream lightweight brands that retails in NZ. They updated them in the last year, so you might be able to find the older ...
Cheers @Ian_H doing some tests now 😀👍
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Mount Hut had very little snow below 1900m Still has 30cm at the base but close o 2M at the top. Kaikouras were too far north for this storm
As @nzbazza mentioned you can camp next to pretty much any non Great Walks DOC track. All you need is a flat spot and some available water so your options are almost limitless! I have not ...
In some areas going for water proof boots just isn't practical unless you only are only going to be on high class tracks with bridges. I do a lot of off track walking with plenty ...
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I can't immediately find a clear statement on the regular website, but a hunting pamphlet pdf from the gwrc, which Google finds, says no camping. I ...
he was walking on a road... he thought the road wasnt actually part of the park. its an access road for watercare to access hydro dams. he knew there werent any kauri next to that ...
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Did Heaphy both ways back in September, and saw almost as many mountain bikers as walkers, and certainly no bad experiences.
""“I received this document from someone who attended the hui and was deeply concerned about recommendations from the He Puapua report being implemented without the Government being upfront about it.”"" So. You right-click on "The ...
Maybe an instruction next to the link would help?
Not familiar with that particular section of track but I know when I first went down in to the "Remote Huts" area behind Hokitika I found the going a bit slower than I expected. I ...
Based on the first episode, this is going to be a really cool series. I'd seen Dave Hansford indicate a couple of years ago that he was interested and working on a much more positive ...
It’s doable. I was on the bus to Routeburn Shelter that arrived there about 0940. Got to the original Hollyford road end at about 1930 I think. Be aware there’s nowhere decent to camp when ...
heres another trip she did there was another vid i cant find online anymore about kayaking around svalbard as well.. lots of polar bear encounters...
I guess it's OK, NZ website states it meets the COSPAS/SARSAT standards and relevant AS/NZ standards. It seems to have a LCD read out of the GPS coordinates and compass direction, might be useful if ...
An MP presented my mapping petition to Parliament yesterday. The timing looks likely to coincide conveniently with the imminent formal policy process ann...
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A few options there from Mt Alta. Day loop via Buchanan peaks. Overnight via the Minaretburn & Kea saddle. Or Minaret - Albert - Makarora for a 2-3 day through trip. I explored NW from ...
Awesome. Glad it went well for you and your daughter.
I think @madpom has it pretty accurately stated when he says: "Running a job or trip of 'randoms' on an 'equalitarian' basis with no identified team lead is a really tricky one to pull off safely. ...
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Thanks @izogi, that’s very helpful. The North Egmont to Mangorei option looks interesting and thanks for the shuttle link. I think I’ll need to have a bad weather back up option as well!
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IMO, you're over-thinking it. Perhaps it depends on what you want to get out of it. A competitive environment where people are focused on bagging more points than someone else might warrant primary, secondary & conditionals ...
Thanks ! Helpful
We need 10 degree frosts not snow. Even better 4 inches of rain in 30 minutes followed by 10 degree frosts. Not good for the roads or farms I know but that should turn wasp ...
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