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This is old thread but by the way thanks for sharing with us the great articles. is also one of the best store where we find lots of things ...
And now it appears to work
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Hi Yarmoss Thanks for the info on he Darrans (I suspected as much) & the recommendation. I agree that it is fantastic country. This is fast becoming a series of bucket-list ...
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Quentin Mccreedy was gripped by the thrill of "stag fever" when he lined up and shot another hunter, in the mistaken belief he was about to bag a deer. Mccreedy, ...
I used to take Tevas with me ... I could also walk with them on easier terrain (keep my feet fresh on hot days) and they made good camp shoes/sandals ...
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Rivers, rain, knee deep muddy tracks. Feet get wet. I always have crocs in my pack for hut/camp wear. I never use them for river crossings. I just get wet ...
they doubled the hut capacity for the guided hut at routeburn falls when it went against the aspiring park management plan. there was a claim the hut was expanded before ...
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Camped on top of mid King around this time of the year a few years ago. She was as cold as a brass monkeys. Tarn was frozen over. Its a ...
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surveys still show a reasonale percentage of tourists are here because of lord of the rings and hobbit movies and various other movies, the latest mission impossible movie was shot ...
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Stuff refers to him as a ‘tourist tramper’ in their article. I wonder if he had adequate gear as it talks about a fall from a ridge - presumably ice ...
Looks like the Wakarara Rd to Makaroro River access is open again: "From the carpark, follow a poled route (marked with orange track markers) along the farmers fence line and through ...
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I have been over Unknown Col, from the Unknown to the Mathias. We did it in early summer (Dec-Jan), when the upper Unknown valley was full of avalanche debris - ...
FYI Routeguides website back up
I had real trouble with foot pain in my Meindl boots but then I got the budget Warehouse insoles - they seem to be a dense foam material with cotton ...
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Yep, it's working fine now.
Yes, @gaiters, you're right and to be honest I really don't care too much. But it was still a bad film, imho. For as long as it's the topic of ...
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"the son of a wealthy and influential family was speeding on a dangerous and winding gravel road to retrieve some of his gear." Not sure how wealthy that family is ...
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she was crossing with one of the guys at least, then they got seperated half way across.
Thanks for the pic aardvark. Yes glennj I would take a pair of gymies for this as I need dry boots for winter hunting.
too many muppets for doc to sift out... easier to be conservative i had to argue to pick up my hut tickets once because bad weather was coming and they wanted ...
they are at my local countdown. get quick oats otherwise
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Thats quite true. Part of this though is the fact that a land owner might ask why he has to provide access when his neighbor doesn't. Some of this comes ...
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I can see why Earth Sea Sky wouldn't be held to ransom and chose Milair (Reflex-type of breathable membrane).
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everest is the high altitude mountain for tourist climbers , there are a few other 8000m peaks like that, cho oyo, Lhotse , manaslu..
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Thats why the first line is a disclaimer. Still might work though on a cheap junk coat. Sil nylon is very waterproof on tents although it doesnt have a long ...
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