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How did you find the track along the tops from Longview to the turn off?
@nzbazza cheers for the tenacious tape idea. I also asked on an overseas hiking forum and the unanimous suggestion was Tenacious Tape. Looks like good stuff. >Fatalities and a high rate of search and rescue incidents near one of the most popular huts in the Nelson Lakes has led to sev...
I've got nalgenes from 5ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 250ml, 500ml etc. Round ones, square ones, different plastics etc. They're out there. A daywalk with a half packet of crackers. I might have vegemite too, or ...
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At the bridge over the Ashley just north of the road the whole place looked like a war zone. Obviously the approaches to the bridge had been rebuilt but the piles of gravel suggest water ...
I made my own beef jerky. Lasted 3 months. You must make it very dry to last. I bought kings soups and combined with water at breakfast time and simmered it for an hour over a used cooking ...
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Have thought about using complan for a breakfast replacement. Do you use it and what is your experience of it. I find I am less a breakfast person post cancer chemo and getting older.
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Interesting place he spent the first night out, on the spur down from McGregor peak to the Atiwhakatu (if the position on Stuff aerial photo is correct). There used to be a route which I ...
Sitting on the sideboard at home
I was given several little wedges of wax-enrobed cheddar and was impressed how it handled the heat. I also had wax-enrobed blue vein cheese too.
Not bad 😀
Very true. If you are enjoying a few beers with some friends though craft beer in London is the way to go. Plus you only need a few since they have a high ABV :)
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Hi all, I’m looking for a tramping partner/buddy who has got some experience around Wanaka/Hawea/Mt Aspiring areas as I’m new to the area and am very keen to get out and explore. I’m a 45 year old ...
I own several other tents and tend to tramp alone so no longer have a need for this guy. Be about 20 years old but only used a few times so in pretty good nick. Seems ...
having vehicles go to the summit especially on mt eden is incongruous. theres so many people on foot on the road and its so narrow , it was dangerous especially with buses. i've seen someone ...
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Legend I was going to ask if he still had the man skirt but the article answered that one
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Hey, Kreig, good to see you back. I remember you got a Klymit LWD packraft a while ago, how did you find it, have you managed to make use of it in the wild yet?
As both a tour guide into Milford, and an Environmental Management student, I agree with a number of the changes, but vehemently disapprove of such changes as installing a cable car to the top of ...
Thanks, a few people have done the full Solution Range from above Marks Flat all the way along to Clarke Mound and down to near the Landsborough Clarke confluence (or vice versa). The bush/scrub over ...
You could also drop to the east from the track that leads to Urchin from between Sharp Cone and Umakarikari. There was running water there and what looked like decent campsites when I was past ...
You should check out the Auckland tramping club. They have regular tramps, and you can meet people to plan your own trips. The UoA tramping club (AUTC) was also good, but I h...
Tapuae-o-uenuku from Branch Cottage is 2400m. We climbed Manakau from Barret Biv in the Hapuku. A couple we knew had failed to get to the summit and wrote in the hut book: Too far and too ...
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Wightman has sold up now. No doubt the land will be used for private hunting trips. Cookies is still accessible after the flooding of June 2021. Tribulation Hut has lost its toilet - lying 50m downstream ...
Thanks for the advice folks. I’ll try using the gps trek mode for each days walking, and then go to a lower power state after each day. Hopefully should last the tramp I take the point ...
From studying GPS tracked times, it has been possible for us to do it in 3 hours but it depends on the condition of the track at the time. It would usually take us an ...

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