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Justice Dobson’s decision says DOC ‘’is to reconsider its decision to proceed with the 2020-2021 plan after consulting with interests represented by the Foundation and other stakeholders’’.
Never ever take crampons without an axe. Thats like taking your 4wd because its slippery but leaving the brakes at home!
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Have you tried the Kahtoola flexible crampons designed to be worn with less stiff boots?
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Did you try looking for in online shops? I also recommend read more about underwear
Reminder: the petition on track symbols remains open until 31 December 2020.Thanks to all the people who have signed it. While stuck at home for three months I wrote a short paper providing some background ...
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It’s one of those things that baffles me. Having a gun doesn’t automatically make you a hunter or a bushman yet the cart often goes before the horse. Agree with PhilipW Could’ve been worse though, they could’ve ...
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I would love to do this to a man cave one day
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Some problem with the air inlet hole on units manufactured Oct 2019 & sold Oct-Dec 2019. Return for refund & $20 voucher.
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"Why the PCT's Most Iconic Trail Angels Are Retiring Thru-hiker traffic on this western trail is growing faster than the volunteer community's ability to handle it" I've read similar comments from NZers who host TA walkers, one spoke ...
I know this is getting into how many angels on the head of a pin territory but I was wondering if it was hoar frost or riming so I consulted dear old google: Soft rime is ...
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If there's rain in the forecast, I take a permaloft (synthetic down) jacket as my third jacket this time of year, rather than my thin down jacket. One time I walked out over Mt Thomas ...
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Govt gives $25 million funding boost for conservation tourism
Thanks and Much appreciated Morris
It is possible, probably a good move to put a link to that google doc or sheet that you maintain in the registration information for your PLB held by the Rescue Coordination Centre. Then always ...
My new Keen Targhees arrived last week and I did a 15km bush walk in them on Saturday mostly on gravel trails, with some mud and clay thrown in. They were roomy and comfy. Not as thick ...
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Thanks for your comments, I have contacted Macpac about a new fly for this tent, they have been very helpful.
It was wishful thinking not worry
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""... after an outcry from residents and businesses in the area, the agency has done a full U-turn on the policy. ....The change follows a town meeting at Castle Hill Village earlier this week which saw ...
My Minaret is still going strong despite being 24 years old. I've used it year round from the Tararuas to the Otoko and the Bonar Glacier in all seasons and all conditions. There are lighter ...
Used to be Ministry of Works or Railways would soak up the unemployed. Enhanced Task Force Green & a February job ad indicate $18/hr. ""We are based near Geraldine and will commute the team to ...
thats the worst part when they wreck your gear they just give it back and walk away and take no responsibiity when they should be replacing it... ah but you're a friend... so it doesnt ...
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Boundary Creek hut?
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Just checked a 7-day rental on Omega with zero excess, $400 for 7 days = $57/day
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Me too but it's nice knowing it's there for an emergency. Even if something goes wrong on a daywalk. It's never happened though.
Welcome You have some great hills around you @googe

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