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Hi there, can anyone report on what the track from the mole saddle down to the tiraumea is like? And back up again? Im taking some tramping savvy young kids ...
"I wouldn't replace it the 4wd community will treat it just like the shed that's there right now." Its actually 4wders that are replacing it. ARAC has the contract with Doc ...
Anyone have any updated info on crossing the Tasman?
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hmmm ok. We'll bring hats/gloves & extra socks for sure, but it's just those water crossings that make me nervous. More due to issue of wearing enough to stay warm ...
the forum on widescreen monitors is only making use of about 50% the available space, which is kinda annoying - but no biggie.
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Well, for starters, I'm getting a certified self-contained camper. And Auckland recently opened up a bunch of freedom camping spots; for self-contained campers. But there's always infinite other legal options. :)
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Does anyone have any recent insight into the state of Waiotauru Hut and Renata Hut? Thanks.
Whoa. Its lovely in the Cobb Valley .
I have had a Garmin 62s for around 7 years I'm guessing. Never had a problem and it is an indispensable piece of kit.
And tinea
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I think you'll find that Icebreaker being a NZ brand wont mean its any cheaper here in NZ. Like most other NZ products, a premium is paid by NZ and ...
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That’s going to be interesting to enforce. Have to say I’m glad the ambiguity of the messages has been removed. I’ve respected the Rahui since it was implemented but it’s ...
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we were told by doc via email just 4 days ago to park in whakapapa village.
I thought you had pretty much answered your own question with the first post. I've always visited an outdoor ed centre or backpackers to palm off any gas cylinders.
"“Previously launching 1kg of materials from earth to space was around $US20,000 ($25,100) plus,” Professor Saydam told Stockhead. “Elon Musk dropped this to less than $US4000 and he says he will ...
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@biship: I'm sure the last 2-3km in the dark will be fine.
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You need sufficient shelter to protect yourself from hypothermia if you're injured, until rescue. For me that would be a fly or tent.
My memory of Dome Shelter is that on an instruction weekend with the WTMC, our instructor had us have our lunch outside while it was snowing as he said this ...
@erniec I have a Cumulus Quilt 250 which is fine to 0°C, if you pack some thermals and a beanie. Below that I get some cold patches and need my ...
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I'm using "OFF!" Tropical (the orange one) it is using Picaridin which is much less aggressive than DEET (as in: doesn't dissolve your ropes and clothes!) and still efficient enough. ...
some of them are doing long miles each day, if you've got a lot of miles to do, it might be too irritating to follow a roundabout track that looks ...
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Hi everyone, Three of us are landing in Queenstown late Feb 24th, and flying out again on Sunday 4th March. So we have 7 full days and 8 nights to ...
Yeah @BdeB. saw your mugshot & name in the Mountain Scene today whilst waiting for my fish supper. World famous in Wanaka
I'm a big fan of lightweight gear, and have had this Rab Charge jacket for a couple of years and it's not let me down, stood up to the downpours ...
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I was thinking of removing these anyway. Not good to hear they’re blocking content!

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