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There will be some shops but I am not sure about the quality. Many brands compromise on quality when they offer sales or cheap prices. But I haven't seen such cases with , they ...
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A Hut Guessing Game is a simple yet engaging game that involves guessing the correct hut or location where an object or a character is hidden. Typically, a player is presented with several huts or ...
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The hunting and fishing 3 packs are quite good. The ones with the green band at the top
Same here. I've been distracted with life in the last few years, but come back every so often to see what's happening, and especially when I'm looking to get back into more frequent tramping again. ...
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It has ben a long time coming but the answer was on Adventure Consultants | History | Rob Hall. "A natural progression for his design and manufacturing skills led him to work for New Zealand’s premier ...
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Picked perfect weather window 5-8 April 2024. 3.5 days. No wind, no rain and cool weather. Dry track so was quick walking. Whakapapa to Waihohonu 3:20, Waihohonu to Mangaehuehu 3:55 + lunch at Rangipo + ...
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Hi there Is this still available? I'm interested. Thanks Ruben 0210628959
Thankyou for sharing this
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Has anyone taken a direct route? i.e. over the Devil's Rampart and down. I'm thinking it could be possible to follow the stream that feeds into the Nina a bit east of the UNB. Or, ...
the fish catfood. Dot the wasps only eat that during the time they eat protein? Put it out at the wrong time and nothing will happen
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Hiya. I also am keen to get a gpx file for tin range. Hoping to walk it in feb 2024
thanks, I've passed that info on to him.
Esk Head probably sell access onto their land to commercial fishing and hunting guides. I met the manager (in those days) one time and he said he'd grant me access if I contacted him. Silly ...
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Someone who used to comment on these forums would use the black PET you can buy at garden stores and pitch it in the 'flying diamond' configuration with the leeward diagonal raised quite high so ...
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Yeah, the Linz imagery makes it look like going up to that [lake south of pt1509](,167.3750176,z15.64) and then over to the head of the Delta Burn would be a reasonable route. Once you're at that ...

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