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theres huts further west that are showing on the map. I know those are old forest service huts. i'd doubt they are public huts if the other huts arent showing.
Thanks for the thoughts. It could make sense to head over Shotover Saddle first and up to Lochnagar, paddle up the north side of the lake to the head and have a look from there. ...
A tramping mate (AndrewP over on has been producing contour maps (Aus, state by state) for use in Garmin GPS for quite some time - now he's added New Zealand North & South Island ...
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Me neither - for me the first priority is whether the company will insure me for the period of hire and whether the places I want to go are covered. I imagine most people take a ...
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register your beacon with the authorities,, they will try and ring the contact n's first if the beacon turns on to make sure its not a false alarm and gather more information @madpom inreach uses dark...
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Could be you might benefit from more conditioning in wearing the low-cuts ?. Like going barefoot for the first time, if the body parts aren't prepared for the workout, they take a thrashing. Windy ...
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@phil21 your not going get your ass shot off, especially out in the open. AFAIK, theres been one accidental shooting of a tramping, few years ago in the Ruahines
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It looks like more of a fashion site - but nice non-thermal leggings.
Maybe look to set up your own trailbabies group... or at least ask around everyone you know and put notices up at kindy etc. There may be people out there who would love to but ...
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Hey guys - because of the track closure, I received this reply yesterday from the Queenstown VC: "A bridge was destroyed along the Dart track (in between Chinamans Bluff and Daleys Flat hut). We are hopeful ...
Hello all, I was hoping someone might be able to provide some advice on how to get to the aircraft wreck near Jumbo Hut. My son and I tried to get there when he was around 11 ...
Thanks @Honora. Much appreciated. How long did it take you to get through to/from Doughboy? Any options for campsites once you drop off the Tin Range or all too scrubby down there?
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I think many people miss the point of the frame on those toasters. Putting the toast on the gauze WILL burn the toast. The toast is meant to benefit from the heat created from the ...
Please be mindful of the weather. Big system hitting the South Island this Sunday.
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the mail forwarders have a good choice of courier companies to choose from, dhl. fedex, TNT.
Hello people. I have been away for a while and I would love to share with you my latest experience. I recently came back from Nepal where I spent one month. It was a great experience tramping around ...
@madpom having same problem with my InReach Mini. (Garmin) use phone to send messages. but usually does not show my location to the recipient Garmin thought it was lack of updating my inReach online. but still ...
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Thinking of doing the Three Passes route in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have an update on the snow conditions. Can you get by without crampons? I have done the route a couple of ...
Little bit of rain today in Rangiora and thunder from the Mount Thomas direction so this might be fixed
The plastic lining the battens have disintegrated and harness is quite well worn. I'd be happy just for the plastic to be replaced. Will make some photos and bring it into a local store to assess
Hi, hiking community. Iā€™m heading from Hamilton into the mighty Kaweka Forest for a four-day adventure starting from Makahu Hut with the destination being Manson Hut. I have loosely planned to also stay at Kiwi ...
Thanks for that, Madpom. I'l lost my older paper topomap with the boundaries on, the current online topomap doesn't show it. Good to know Junction Burn hut is a possibility.
Why not get the shuttle to drop you at Wainui and then hike back towards Marahau? That's what I would do. I've done the whole track and north of Totaranui the track is fine but ...
Hey Alistair, sounds good. I am pretty keen to do some off the route navigation-heavy tracks such as the Dundas loop in the Tararuas. March and onwards is good. Arthur's Pass is not a bad place ...

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