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My pdf says, under "Assistance from Constables", they can do anything reasonably necessary to assist in ensuring compliance with the order. Includes, but not limited to, compelling, enforcing or ensuring compliance .... Preventing or reducing ... Bit further north than that. Promised you steps. Here's plenty! Looking east you'd see a big mount. Though its actually quite small.
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he didnt know that metal affects compasses? lucky it hasnt happened to him earlier....
True dat. Then I was a little concerned about how much of a gateway that might be to the rest of the computer. Can't check that from your own CPU.
Have you searched these forums? Try "garmin" and "nz topo", do some research then maybe ask some targeted questions?
most of the infectioned in NZ are under 65 yo, most who die are over 65.
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Yeah I guess they wouldn't be mean enough to manipulate punters into ruining their bags so they have to buy a new one!
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theres a lot of nice people to mix with on the great walks. they are all willing to pay top dollar to get a bunk, they aren't looking to dodge paying their fees , they've ...
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My Christchurch tramping club cancelled multi-day tramps earlier this week. By end of week they have now suspended all group activities. They have effectively stopped. Enjoy your freedom while you can. Still a few weeks ...
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I had a pack with a drawstring enclosure so I used a very light roll-top packliner and this also extended the capacity of the pack.
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Maybe a hammock would be the go? Have to say I could always find a place to put up a tent in in Fiordland although there was only one site that was actually dead level ...
Pro-active It is a nice way to plan your trip. I also do the same thing when I travel to go somewhere for an occasion.
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Don't remember the exact details but something along the lines of. There's a scree chute on the northern side, go down that ?30m?, then scramble sidle around the face on tussock/rock (may have been a vague ...
Good question. I would say council but there is a big issue. Not many people in that area so not a big rating base to pay for it. If it was left to the council ...
Back Country Cuisine Vegetarian Stirfry. The only vegetarian meal in my selection and only one of three in the range. I just love the rice noodles in this dish and out of all the meals ...
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I don't think there is ever 'only one rat'
Give them a big ladder so they can trek to the Sea Of Tranquility
I've been from Mudflats Hut up and over to Julia Hut and been on the Campbell Range tops further south. However I have not crossed Hura Saddle or been up Hura Creek. I've a feeling ...
Hi! My partner and I are planning on doing the Heaphy, but haven't booked anything yet as we wanted to sort out transportation from trail-end to -head before finalising anything. The shuttle services are well beyond ...
The TTC have a couple of trip reports on their website: In both cases the parties seem to have...
Will do, Not sure when I will make it back there but will keep you updated. I do intend to mark the track for the next people and ask that everybody takes a roll of ...
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Hi there. A friend and I were hoping to do the Pinnacles walk in the Coromandel on Saturday, 4 April for a milestone birthday & stay the night to see the sun rise. However the ...
They dont have as many calories in those BCC meals as I thought! I was just looking at what an OSM bar contains, and its around 694 calories, and I eat one of those typically during ...
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I like peanut butter but the thought of eating it by the tablespoon makes my teeth stick together. Maybe I should add more chilly flakes

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