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Thank you so much for your advice! I couldn't miss the Milford track I heard so much about, so I did some digging and found a service that automatically scans for cancellations, and sends ...
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You might remember Don Millard from HVTC. Losing a leg didnt slow him down much.
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I just love that the cost is "plus the maps"!
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snow down to 900m forecast for the weekend
Keen boots are much wider than other brands.
Same company as behind Ross in the SI. Sounding like a habit!
do you have a battery test function on your PLB? if so have you tested it recently? in theory if it has a battery test function and it passes then it should still work.. but it ...
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Thanks guys, all seems good. Have modified the plan a bit and the current plan is to go to Kiwihut via Kuripapango on Tuesday, Ballard hut on Wednesday, and then out crossing the Tutaekuri on ...
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Was a good trip. Patchy snow from half a kilometre up the Tarn hut side track pretty much complete coverage at the hut and 200mm deep powder in places up Lilbirn Hill. Slippery going down ...
I have been editing the Hiwiroa trip that I posted many years ago to update the route description. I notice a new field there called "Select GPS paths". What goes into that field? I tried the ...
Just noticed that the Check in feature for tracks doesn't seem to be working. The dialog comes up but when you push OK nothing happens.
theres great walks and then theres great walks the routeburn and milford have more money coming in from Ultimate hikes to put into maintaining the track, they few gravel onto the routeburn, covering the alpine section ...
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I know of 3 silent caps that are sold via ebay. The original was the BD dragon tamer next was the quietstove copy of the same thing and lastly a Korean cap which is quite ...
Bunnings sell lamp oil under the diggers brand but dont know price. Best bet is look up lubricant wholesalers in your area. They will sell both fulite and burnable kero much cheaper
Rees side between Shelter Rock and Dart Hut could be a bit hairy this month with avo debris, more coming down as temperatures rise? Bridges will have been taken out through that area as well. I ...
FYI - Outdoors Intention Form provided by AdventureSmart (managed by the New Zealand Search and Rescue Council (NZSAR)). They DO NOT store the information you provide. The completed form can be sent to your essential ...
It’s always embarrassing to wake in the morning and find others have moved out and be the recipient of deadly looks! I would be happy to be less of an annoyance by moving to the kitchen ...
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its made of reflex, a cheaper waterproof technology, not as stormproof and not very breathable compared to gore tex, especially proshell or active or Pertex the Resolution jacket is pertex, twice as breathable and waterproof as ...
Erick Brenstrum put out a weather book that I studied intently and found very helpful. It's called the NZ weather book and could be found at your local library. Not sure if it's still available ...
@Ian_H cheers bro. That's what I figured. My pack won't be that heavy, but still, it won't be a speedboat! :D I've seen youtube videos with guys about my size and a pack, and they ...
i heard back from the person who complained online about the club he said the club definitely didnt book. they knew about booking the hut, but thought that they didnt apply for when they were going ...
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Thanks very much!
Reality is all wilding pines have commercially planted siblings. No biological weapon will kill one without killing the other. I think wandering the hills with a grubber and chainsaw are going to be the main ...
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Yes I've done it and walked most of the ridge lines before the new bits went in. My favourite section is the Paparoa Tops from near Croesus Knob all the way through to where you ...
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outdoor shops make their money selling high tech gear , theres more markup on it... people with more disposable income will pay for it... theres not much cheap gear in tramping shops.. the manufacturers of ...
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