What is your favoutire Back Country Cuisine meal?

With so many different Back Country Cuisine options to choose from, we are interested in hearing what peoples Back Country Cuisine recommendations are on what your favorite Back Country meal is. http://bit.ly/2q479nQ
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Couscous is the super food for the outdoors guys. Bring half a cup of water to boil. Chuck in a pinch of paprika,cumin,coriander and chilli. Take it off the heat stir in half a cup of couscous. Chuck some tuna or salami in that's as simple as it gets. It's delicious. Light, takes up no room, use little fuel and water. Nutritious and tasty. You'll never eat that expensive bcc crap again. Plus you have to cart out those terrible packaging.
You know, Gaiters, I take issue with the "if you don't do it my way, you're not a real tramper" attitude. To each his own, dude.
Not quite what he said or meant ... I'd suspect. More like 'once you've tried this you'll never look back'.
I made some pemmican (dehydrated beef ground to a powder and mixed with rendered beef fat) and have some of that broken up over instant mash, tastes just like roast beef and is the highest energy density per gram you can live off or carry unrefrigerated.
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I've gone through quite a lot of BCC meals over the years. Probably the Classic Beef Curry and Roast Lamb are the most successful in my opinion. They are awfully convenient, especially for those spontaneous weekend trips. But I do think I came to over-rely on them, mostly out of laziness and lack of planning on my part. They are expensive and their packaging takes up quite a lot of space. When you start getting over say 5 - 6 days I'd be thinking of other options. Before BCC and Kaweka became ubiquitously available I think we had a lot more fun choosing our own ingredients, and lashing up our own quirky one pot wonders. At least that's how I learned to cook. Great suggestions from Ian_H, David K and Gaiters. Couscous really is an excellent ingredient. So are olive oil, grated cheese or pemmican to add fat. On longer trips, greater than 10 days, I used to plan for three base meal types, one rice, one potato and another couscous. The protein would be dehyd mince, tuna or salami. Then a dehyd vege mix of some sort, and the fat could be olive oil, butter or cheese. Then I'd have a range of 'flavour ingredients' such as spices, sauces, sambals and the like. With this range of possibilities we never had the same meal twice. And while it's a luxury, I often carried some flour to bake up something if we were stuck in a hut. Always brightened up those long pit days.
Bozeman. Point taken was not really how I meant it to come across. But I hear ya. More intended the way madpom said but I agree to each his own.
All cool.
Are you guys are referring to the mess after eating out of a BCC foil pack ?. I tip the contents into another container before adding some of the water. Stir for consistency, then add the remainder of water. Less mess, easy clean, no flavour bombs or dry 'missed' pieces.
I personally was referring to the highly un biodegradable material the food comes in. It is not something you would want to chuck into a hut fire. It needs to be packed in and out if you want to be responsible. My first year or two of tramping I used bcc. I tried most of them. Some aren't bad (I liked the roast lamb, beef curry). Some are terrible. None are memorable. None are healthy. None are cheap. This is just my viewpoint. Take it with a pinch of salt (but not too much as bcc are all ready loaded with enough) as you should all Internet forum site opinions.
@PhillipW we completely agree with your post we love the Classic Beef Curry and Roast Lamb and we would have to agree that we have come to overly rely on it and for longer tramps we should be looking at other meal options and just using dehydrated meals as a bridging food for a few meals (and not all of them). We love the idea of dehydrating your own meals prior to a trip and we have recently been experimenting with dehydrating our own snacks for around home, and the dogs love their dog treats we make for them. @Gaiters Cous Cous is a fantastic idea and a simple food we love a home, and it’s a great food for the bush too, another great recipe for it is with a bit of Chicken stock (oxo cube) and a zucchini - yum yum. @hazel cheese is a fantastic meal complement and can be easily purchased online, it is great to chuck on any of the potato meals or even on roast spud done in the fire, or on some of that flaky instant mash potato. As part of us being prepared for an emergency when we go bush we always make sure we have an extra Dehydrated meal plus a Back country flame less heater pack in the bottom of our bag as a just in case of an emergency where we cannot quickly get our cooker or a fire going
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On 11 May 2017
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