Waiau Uwha Valley:
Looking north upvalley from Saddle Spur. The bridge is at bottom right. St James Walkway curls around the flats at left, and the St James Range is in the distance.
Photograph: matthew
Nau mai, haere mai
Hiking or backpacking: here in Aotearoa / New Zealand, we call it tramping. Tramping is heading off into the backcountry with everything you need on your back, and doing it safely so you can get home again. Experienced tramper, visitor to the country, or simply thinking about getting into tramping, find the information you need here to plan your adventure.

Explore New Zealand's Great Walks

Abel Tasman Coast Track
Abel Tasman Coast Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
Easy, sunny coastal track with golden sands and excellent swimming. The busiest track in the country, following the length of ...
Heaphy Track
Heaphy Track  •  4 – 6 days. Easy. One way.
A classic crossing of the geologically and biologically diverse northwest corner of the South Island. The track is also open to ...
Kepler Track
Kepler Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
Popular loop track providing access to the mountains around Lake Te Anau.
Lake Waikaremoana Track
Lake Waikaremoana Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
"The Lake Track." Busy track in summer with swimming and fishing along the lake-side.
Milford Track
Milford Track  •  4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
The Milford Track is an alpine journey through Fiordland National Park, and New Zealand's most renowned walking track, visited by ...
Paparoa Track
Paparoa Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. One way.
New track located in Paparoa National Park, exploring the Paparoa Range, gold trails and limestone gorges. Paparoa Track is a dual-use ...
Rakiura Track
Rakiura Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
An historic walk through almost deserted, pure podocarp forest.
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track  •  2 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
An internationally renowned and popular alpine crossing between Fiordland and Lake Wakatipu.
Tongariro Northern Circuit
Tongariro Northern Circuit  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
This circuit on the Volcanic Plateau passes close to the summit of Tongariro in a spectacular, active volcanic landscape of ...

Classic walks

Dusky Track
Dusky Track  •  8 – 10 days. Medium. One way.
This journey explores the glacial valleys and mountains of Fiordland from Lake Hauroko to Lake Manapouri, visiting Dusky Sound along ...
Hillary Trail
Hillary Trail  •  4 – 6 days. Medium. One way.
A spectacular coastal walk in the Waitakere Ranges west of Auckland. ALOT OF THIS TRAIL IS CLOSED FOR KAURI DIE BACK ...
Hollyford Track
Hollyford Track  •  4 days. Medium. One way.
The Hollyford Track is a classic lowland Fiordland route from the Hollyford Road out to the coast at Martins Bay.
Hump Ridge Track
Hump Ridge Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
The Hump Ridge Track links the Waitutu coastline west of Invercargill with the subalpine landscape of the Hump Ridge. Historic ...
Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk)
Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk)  •  1 – 2 days. Easy/medium. Return by the same track.
An overnight trip past old kauri dams to The Pinnacles, on Coromandel Peninsula.
North West Circuit  •  10 – 12 days. Medium. Loop track.
The classic Stewart Island coastal journey known widely for its mud. Links with the Rakiura Track.
Queen Charlotte Track
Queen Charlotte Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
A long but easy walk along Queen Charlotte Sound. This track offers hostel and resort accommodation as well as basic ...
Rees-Dart Track
Rees-Dart Track  •  3 – 4 days. Medium/hard. Loop track.
Alpine circuit along two river valleys at the head of Lake Wakatipu.
St James Walkway
St James Walkway  •  5 days. Easy/medium. One way.
A long and easy walk on St James Station near Lewis Pass. Beech forest, mountain scenery, farmland, wild horses, mud.
Te Araroa Trail
Te Araroa Trail  •  95 days. Medium. One way.
Te Araroa is a walking trail running the entire length of the North and South Islands. The trail opened 3 ...
Te Paki Coastal Track
Te Paki Coastal Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
Explore the Far North coastline around Cape Reinga / Te Rerenga Wairua.

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Friends of mine did a S.I. north/south traverse, including the Southern Alps in 1994. (Kirsten Mackay and Pete Ozich). They ...
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Judging by comments online it sounds as though Mt Brown hut currently doesn't have coal but on the other hand ...
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Kia ora koutou, I've booked a shuttle From Dart Ford, east end of Wangapeka Track to Nelson airport 16 March 2021. Good ...
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One thing to consider if using a cellphone is that 111 calls can be routed through any carrier. This has ...
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I had this same issue with the homepage links linking back to the homepage rather than the artical thry were ...
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Hi, Are any of these still available? thanks :)
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. We ended up going to the old hut site and up towards Marchant ridge and ...
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That would be alot cheaper than the acquaseal!
Milford track from the 1/05/2021  •  waynowski in Tracks, routes, and huts
the bridges that are removed are bridges over side streams... someone drowned a few years ago trying to cross a ...
Honora More active and useful content  •  Honora in The campfire
Unfortunately that FB page clogs up my old laptop so it doesn't work for me at all.
Honora Whats everyone got planned?  •  Honora in The campfire
Madpom's done some good long trips in the N.I. He will have them posted on his routeguides website.
Power banks for tramping  •  VincentBowman in Gear talk
I absolutely love GoerTek 25000mAh solar power bank. It has three USB ports so I can charge my phone and ...
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Peter, Many thanks for the time and effort you've put into this. And to everyone else who's commented on this informed ...
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Yes - the BoM weather for the fortnight looks preferable to the metservice stuff. Can I have that one please?
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Yes, we nearly met high on the Park Pass Glacier. My plan was to spend Tuesday night on Park Pass, ...
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There are mosquitoes but nothing like as bad
Briar Beans Burn  •  Briar in Tracks, routes, and huts
Took us 4hrs from Sylvan carpark to the mouth of the Beans Burn and roughly 6 hrs up to Split ...
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Quite right Ian,Danilo Hegg has some great photos on there. Also check out Nina Dickerhofs website,equally stunning and she gets out ...
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https://tentpoletechnologies.com/ About Us TentPole Technologies specializes in fiberglass and aluminum tent pole replacements and repairs. Our team has over 35 years of ...
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Ok. PFM! Working fine now.
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Sorry about this! I missed the issue and missed the thread.
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Still on Amazon if you can crack the translation of sizes ?. ""4-6 times warmer than any solid knit by ...
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four people with hypothermia rescued from Ruahines https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/ruahine-ranges-rescued-tramper-was-one-hour-from-death/A2SJZROPW6T5PL2TTQJQUVMCIA
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I've run off some up to date 'atlases' for the Backcountry Navigator app - if anyone is interested. These allow ...

What's new?

East-West Route: 3 day circuit east of Molesworth
East-West Route: 3 day circuit east of Molesworth  •  Article, updated
A circuit taking in Lake McRae, Carters Saddle and then a descent into the head of the Awatere via an ...
Raukumara East-West Traverse
Raukumara East-West Traverse  •  Track, updated
An east-west traverse of either the Raukumara range, or the entire East Cape. A minimum of 5-8 days in it's ...
Maungakura/Red Hill - Ben Nevis Loop
Maungakura/Red Hill - Ben Nevis Loop  •  Track, updated
3 day tramp in Richmond Ranges. Requires good weather. A few river crossing on 1st day to Top Wairoa Hut ...
Walking the length of NZ's main divide
Walking the length of NZ's main divide  •  Track, updated
A guide to my route from East Cape to West Cape, the length of NZ's main divide.
Youngman Stream Hut to Tarn Hut  •  Track, updated
Track connecting Youngman Stream and Tarn Huts in Puketeraki Conservation Area.
Lillburn Route  •  Track, updated
Direct route up Lilburne Hill to Tarn Hut
Online mapping links  •  Article, updated
A collection of resources to help you plan and explore.
Youngman Stream Track  •  Track, updated
Steady sidle up the Rakahuri / Ashley River from the Lees Valley to Youngman Stream Hut.
Queen Charlotte Track
Queen Charlotte Track  •  Track, updated
A long but easy walk along Queen Charlotte Sound. This track offers hostel and resort accommodation as well as basic ...
Double Crossing of the Wild Man Brothers Range
Double Crossing of the Wild Man Brothers Range  •  Article, updated
A 3 day trip going from the head of the Cameron River in the Hakatere over the above range to ...
From behind Blyth Hut, a poled route exists to the South East Basin of the Turoa skifield. It is not ...
4 Day Comyns, Cookies Huts circuit
4 Day Comyns, Cookies Huts circuit  •  Article, added
Easter trip in 2018, involving a descent of the Nth Ashburton to Cookies Point and the hut and then north ...
Hut bagging Stony Stream Biv  •  Article, updated
A weekend trip into the Hamner Conservation Area to visit a wee biv in good condition.
Mt Plenty, Ghost Creek Circuit  •  Article, updated
A day trip involving a 700 m climb then descending a creek with 2 challenging sidles past waterfalls.
Chummies Track  •  Track, added
Marked tramping track to John Reid Hut and the Arthur Range tops. NB - the start of the track requires ...
Mt Hiwiroa
Mt Hiwiroa  •  Track, updated
An energetic return day trip. The first half follows relatively easy tracks but the second half is overgrown and more ...
Thompson's Track to Kauritatahi Track
Thompson's Track to Kauritatahi Track  •  Track, updated
From a very muddy Thompson's Track to an rough North South Track, this can't be described as the greatest of ...
Mt Enys - Finally!
Mt Enys - Finally!  •  Article, updated
An account of our 4 attempts to climb Mt Enys directly via Deadman Spur.


Out in the hills

matthew visited Youngman (Puketeraki) Hut
16 January 202116 January
Youngman (Puketeraki) Hut
Popped in on the way to Tarn Hut. Hot summer day.
madpom walked Walking the length of NZ's main divide
1 January 20211 January
Walking the length of NZ's main divide
Finished at last!
ZoeCarol94 walked Sealy Tarns
31 December 202031 December
Sealy Tarns
Awesome views, lots of steps but not difficult if you pace, cool big rock about half way up that has a nice view (and a good rest stop). Sister & I heard sounds of glacial ice cracking from halfway up to top of tarns track. Well worth the climb!
iangeorge visited Gabriel Hut
29 December 202029 December
Gabriel Hut
slips walked Urchin - Waipakihi Hut - Umukarikari Trip
16 December 202016 December
Urchin - Waipakihi Hut - Umukarikari Trip
dmolnar visited Carkeek Hut
13 December 202013 December
Carkeek Hut
Track down from McGregor is well marked (permolat markers). The final descent to the Dorset Ck / Waiohine is a little hairy. Might pay for someone to take a short section of rope to permanently attach
glennj walked Mt Turiwhate track
15 October 202015 October
Mt Turiwhate track
Briar visited Coldwater hut
7 March 20207 March
Coldwater hut
Honora walked Bob's Camp Bivvy
3 February 20203 February
Bob's Camp Bivvy
Water supply currently dried up. Not even a tadpole to be had! This happens occasionally in summer. Only had 6mm of rain since the 21st of December (6 weeks) but another 6mm on the 4/5th February, 2020 now. Not sure of the state of streams further down both sides of the ridge.
Dave Johnston visited Daphne Hut
4 January 20204 January 2020
Daphne Hut
aardvark visited Jacko Flat hut
3 January 20203 January 2020
Jacko Flat hut
MetalCupcake visited Carrington Hut
1 January 20201 January 2020
Carrington Hut
Moh_Oz walked Heaphy Track
30 December 201930 December 2019
Heaphy Track
Timothy walked Mount Oxford
26 November 201926 November 2019
Mount Oxford
Kristineleenman visited Catchpool Valley Campsite
12 November 201912 November 2019
Catchpool Valley Campsite
Yarmoss visited Shepherds Creek Hut
12 October 201912 October 2019
Shepherds Creek Hut
There’s six bunks but only 4 mattresses, so you might want to byo.
shrimp walked Tongariro Alpine Crossing
21 September 201921 September 2019
Tongariro Alpine Crossing
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