Waiau Uwha Valley:
Looking north upvalley from Saddle Spur. The bridge is at bottom right. St James Walkway curls around the flats at left, and the St James Range is in the distance.
Photograph: matthew
Nau mai, haere mai
Hiking or backpacking: here in Aotearoa / New Zealand, we call it tramping. Tramping is heading off into the backcountry with everything you need on your back, and doing it safely so you can get home again. Experienced tramper, visitor to the country, or simply thinking about getting into tramping, find the information you need here to plan your adventure.

Explore New Zealand's Great Walks

Abel Tasman Coast Track
Abel Tasman Coast Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
Easy, sunny coastal track with golden sands and excellent swimming. The busiest track in the country, following the length of ...
Heaphy Track
Heaphy Track  •  4 – 6 days. Easy. One way.
A classic crossing of the geologically and biologically diverse northwest corner of the South Island. The track is also open to ...
Kepler Track
Kepler Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
Popular loop track providing access to the mountains around Lake Te Anau.
Lake Waikaremoana Track
Lake Waikaremoana Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
"The Lake Track." Busy track in summer with swimming and fishing along the lake-side.
Milford Track
Milford Track  •  4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
The Milford Track is an alpine journey through Fiordland National Park, and New Zealand's most renowned walking track, visited by ...
Paparoa Track
Paparoa Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. One way.
New track located in Paparoa National Park, exploring the Paparoa Range, gold trails and limestone gorges. Paparoa Track is a dual-use ...
Rakiura Track
Rakiura Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
An historic walk through almost deserted, pure podocarp forest.
Routeburn Track
Routeburn Track  •  2 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
An internationally renowned and popular alpine crossing between Fiordland and Lake Wakatipu.
Tongariro Northern Circuit
Tongariro Northern Circuit  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
This circuit on the Volcanic Plateau passes close to the summit of Tongariro in a spectacular, active volcanic landscape of ...

Classic walks

Dusky Track
Dusky Track  •  8 – 10 days. Medium. One way.
This journey explores the glacial valleys and mountains of Fiordland from Lake Hauroko to Lake Manapouri, visiting Dusky Sound along ...
Hillary Trail
Hillary Trail  •  4 – 6 days. Medium. One way.
A spectacular coastal walk in the Waitakere Ranges west of Auckland. ALOT OF THIS TRAIL IS CLOSED FOR KAURI DIE BACK ...
Hollyford Track
Hollyford Track  •  4 days. Medium. One way.
The Hollyford Track is a classic lowland Fiordland route from the Hollyford Road out to the coast at Martins Bay.
Hump Ridge Track
Hump Ridge Track  •  3 days. Easy/medium. Loop track.
The Hump Ridge Track links the Waitutu coastline west of Invercargill with the subalpine landscape of the Hump Ridge. Historic ...
Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk)
Kauaeranga Kauri Trail (Pinnacles Walk)  •  1 – 2 days. Easy/medium. Return by the same track.
An overnight trip past old kauri dams to The Pinnacles, on Coromandel Peninsula.
North West Circuit  •  10 – 12 days. Medium. Loop track.
The classic Stewart Island coastal journey known widely for its mud, abundant birdlife and beautiful beaches. Links with the Rakiura ...
Queen Charlotte Track
Queen Charlotte Track  •  3 – 5 days. Easy. One way.
A long but easy walk along Queen Charlotte Sound. This track offers hostel and resort accommodation as well as basic ...
Rees-Dart Track
Rees-Dart Track  •  3 – 4 days. Medium/hard. Loop track.
Alpine circuit along two river valleys at the head of Lake Wakatipu.
St James Walkway
St James Walkway  •  5 days. Easy/medium. One way.
A long and easy walk on St James Station near Lewis Pass. Beech forest, mountain scenery, farmland, wild horses, mud.
Te Araroa Trail
Te Araroa Trail  •  95 days. Medium. One way.
Te Araroa is a walking trail running the entire length of the North and South Islands. The trail opened 3 ...
Te Paki Coastal Track
Te Paki Coastal Track  •  3 – 4 days. Easy/medium. One way.
Explore the Far North coastline around Cape Reinga / Te Rerenga Wairua.

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Honorar Cookies Hut Hakatere  •  Honorar in Tracks, routes, and huts
There's Cookies Point down the valley too and then Cookshop Hut in Taylor Stream, only 7km away and Cookies Basins ...
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They’re listed in the Horace walker hut logbook, a short walk from the west coast.
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2 parts to this First Maori Party will never have enough power to achieve this unless they find a clause ...
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NZers in the backcountry as busy as ever. Tourists not quite so much but getting there. Its not just covid ...
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Oh bollocks. DoC have been using it as their private holiday area. You can go up the river 4km downstream ...
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What's new?

Circuit of Saxton, Gordon, Waihopai , Acheron, and Port Cooper Saddles and Saxton
5 day circuit involving alternatives to the usual Saxton/Severn circuit. This avoids interminable plodding through wilding pines.
Pinchgut Track (Ōkūkū River - Pinchgut Hut)
Pinchgut Track (Ōkūkū River - Pinchgut Hut)  •  Track, updated
An easy day walk or overnighter to a hut in the foothills behind Mt Thomas
Mt Glasgow 1424m
Mt Glasgow 1424m  •  Track, updated
A superb day walk in behind the sleepy village of Seddonville.
Kowhai-Hapuku Circuit over Mt Fyffe
Kowhai-Hapuku Circuit over Mt Fyffe  •  Article, added
A 3 day circuit starting and finishing at the Mt Fyffe carpark.
Kelly Range - Hunts Saddle Circuit
Kelly Range - Hunts Saddle Circuit  •  Track, updated
A challenging circuit route traversing the Kelly Range and returning along Kelly's Creek. The direction described is the easiest option.
Ascent of Mt Bruce via Mt Hecla from Cookies Hut
Ascent of Mt Bruce via Mt Hecla from Cookies Hut  •  Article, updated
Day trip from the Swift River to do a total 1400m height gain, visiting a less-climbed summit west of Mt ...
4 day circuit taking in Snowy Gorge, Maitland and Hideaway Huts
Circuit via valleys north of the Ahuriri River visiting 3 attractive historical huts.
Mt Hiwiroa
Mt Hiwiroa  •  Track, updated
An energetic return day trip. The first half follows relatively easy tracks but the second half is overgrown and more ...
Jacks Pass Track
Jacks Pass Track  •  Track, updated
A quick subalpine route onto Mount Isobel.
Leslie-Karamea  •  Track, updated
Joins onto Wangapeka Track.
Section: Edwards River - McArthur Track
Section: Edwards River - McArthur Track  •  Track, updated
The southernmost section of the St James Cycle Trail, between Tophouse Road and the Lake Guyon junction on the Waiau ...
Circuit from Stanley Vale to Glenrae Saddle/Lake Hill/Lake Guyon
A day's tramping to an seldom visited picturesque area near the St James Cycleway.
Old Ghost Road
Old Ghost Road  •  Track, updated
A four or five day tramp from the Lyell Campsite(off SH6 in the Buller Gorge) to the Mokihinui road end ...
Hut bagging Stony Stream Biv
Hut bagging Stony Stream Biv  •  Article, updated
A weekend trip into the Hamner Conservation Area to visit a wee biv in good condition. A much appreciated track ...


Out in the hills

matthew visited Pinchgut Hut
15 April 202315 April
Pinchgut Hut
Quiet night in the hut with just the three of us.
Honorar visited Blue Mountain Hut
16 March 202316 March
Blue Mountain Hut
Dive-Climb-Ride walked Queen Charlotte Track
24 February 202324 February
Queen Charlotte Track
Did it in 2 days and with a 40l pack for a challenge. Hated myself afterwards for a couple hours but legs had recovered by the next day. Will do it again slower with a bigger pack for sure.
Samsu walked Bowen Peak
22 February 202322 February
Bowen Peak
Moh_Oz walked Mt Philistine Traverse
12 February 202312 February
Mt Philistine Traverse
Easy travel up to the summit of Mt Philistine. A fair amount of time spent working out the route along Philistine-Rolleston Ridge with a heavy pack. Left the ridge using the steep scree ramp at Pt1860. The rest of the route was pretty straight forward to the hut
otapine visited Marauiti Hut
10 February 202310 February
Marauiti Hut
Gunnaer walked Packhorse Hut Track
16 April 202216 April 2022
Packhorse Hut Track
Laurahussey walked Milford Track
30 March 202230 March 2022
Milford Track
Cant wait to explore this beautiful 4day 3night track, first time for me, definitely after the experience may not be the last, lets go!!! any advice would be amazing before i go :) Facebook
bigpaul tried Pureora Forest Park
11 March 202211 March 2022
Pureora Forest Park
A Blustery day but fun as usual
Bozeman visited Poulter Bivvy
10 March 202210 March 2022
Poulter Bivvy
Biv in perfect condition. 12 hut book entries for 2021.
pmcke walked Jane Peak, Eyre Mountains
8 March 20228 March 2022
Jane Peak, Eyre Mountains
You may presume that Jane Peak is a wry reference to Jane Eyre in the novels but I have always understood Jane Peak and Helen Peaks to be named after the wives of two brothers who were the first settlers on the Waimea Plains near Lumsden.
glennj walked Mt Turiwhate track
4 January 20224 January 2022
Mt Turiwhate track
Dave W. came along. Climbed up through cloud but tops were clear.
SimonJ visited Snowy Hut / Snowy River Hut
2 January 20222 January 2022
Snowy Hut / Snowy River Hut
I visited on 27/12/2021 via the 'true right logging roads' noted by Madpom.
lil50 walked Mt Alford
4 December 20214 December 2021
Mt Alford
MistaB walked Tarawera Trail
19 November 202119 November 2021
Tarawera Trail
If you are staying at Hot Water Beach camp, you definitely have to book first. $30 per site (2 pax)
Caretaker walked Urchin - Waipakihi Hut - Umukarikari Trip
5 November 20215 November 2021
Urchin - Waipakihi Hut - Umukarikari Trip
Honora visited Tribulation Hut
25 July 202125 July 2021
Tribulation Hut
Access is fine now. Some parts of the track have disappeared but it's quite navigable. You may prefer going directly up Redcliffe Stream as it's full of silt and easy to walk up rather than following the usual route with its occasional 4WD tracks. Best to start on the true left of the river as the foot track has been wiped out on the true right and there's only thick scrub there! The route down to Cookies Hut is fine as well. The toilet at Trib Hut is lying downstream on its side!
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