Egg Powder

Has anyone had experience with using egg powder? I am wondering how it would go in corn fritters etc. Also where would one purchase this product?
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I made an omelette with the ova egg crystals recently to go with BCC's Nasi Goring. It was very good. Not at all like other egg powders I've encountered. The coconut oil was good stuff too as it doesn't melt most of the year round so it's not messy like other oils.
Just reviving this thread - Im after powdered eggs - trying this out for breakfasts on a big trip. That overeasy NZ link cited earlier doesnt work now. I am in Welly and though Moore Wilsons would have powdered eggs - but I cant seem to find them anywhere in NZ? thanks
You can buy whole egg powder on line from in 1kg bags. [The Hut Group. Cheshire, UK CWP7RA.] I'm copying off a packet we have at home. I've used egg powder since the early 1970's when tramping and working in the remote back country. It has all sorts of uses but I mainly use it to add to rice dishes as a protein boost or to make scrambled eggs. It is gluten free not that I'm gluten intolerant but it is a consideration for some people.
Thanks Glenn. It seems bizarre that its so hard to get hold of in NZ.....apart from the highly expensive Backcountry meal scrambled eggs that is.....cheers
Thanks Glenn as well. I couldn't find whole egg powder, just egg yolk powder and egg white powder on this site for some reason...
It is definitely "Whole Egg Powder" that we buy from them in 1kg pkts.
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Started by Kokako
On 30 December 2011
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