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I have tried BBC and outdoor gourmet (scrambled egg, porrige,breakfast,lamb risoto) but at home not on the trail. I find it ok and like the fact that no dishes to wash (bone idle lol) and carrying out the rubbish I dont see as a problem. Fairly expensive but if purchased while on special not so bad. The question I have is to those that use it is a single serve ok for 1 person when tramping, have read else where that 1 person is better with a 2 serve. So what do you guys have 1 or 2 serve.
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So, can I order BBC or other gourmet food in advance and have it delivered to my hostel in Queenstown or Wanaka, as I fly in from Canada in Jan-Feb 2020? Thanks, Marian/ still looking for a tramping partener
BCC and others are available at most outdoor stores like hunting and fishing, macpac, kathmandu also in some supermarkets. I dont see why you cant have it sent directly to your hostel if prefered.
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Because I usually stay at backpackers (where sometimes things have a tendency to go missing) I prefer to use NZ's Poste Restante service. You just pick up you parcel from the post office when you get to town. There is no charge if you pick it up within 7 days of it being delivered. Cheers, Moh
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We communicated with Radix Nutrition ( in Hamilton (North Isl) from Australia and had them deliver food to a motel in Christchurch for our pickup.
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Raddix should deliver anywhere. All their sales are online. BCC used to do private sales (if you had a price list) and would deliver to any address as well. However, the last time I tried to do that I got quite a bit of resistance from them about not wanting to do smaller orders anymore.
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Radix was new on the scene and there was a currency conversion issue which we dealt with by e-mail.
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I’ve also ordered from Radix through their online store while in Australia, and had it delivered to an address in NZ. it was all pretty seamless and customer service were very helpful with any questions I had via email. . Their meals are more expensive than most, but as people have mentioned in other topics on this forum, they taste better than most options. @marian If looking for BC meals online, try Torpedo 7. I’m pretty sure they will deliver anywhere in NZ. As a tourist who usually flies in and has to get all supplies in less than a day before hitting the trail, I’ve never had any trouble sourcing dehy meals. You can readily get them from the supermarket in Queenstown (open till late) and any of the many outdoor shops in town. I really wouldn’t worry about mail ordering unless you have very specific flavours that you want. Moh
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I've actually developed my own home recipe that accurately recreates BCC meals. 1) Cut up a dish sponge into small squares. Set aside. 2) Rummage through the compost heap to find the most detestable vegetable detritus. 3) Combine sponge and discarded vegetable husks. 4) Drizzle with the juice from 3 tins of cat food. 5) Add 1 kilogram of sodium. 6) Shake and chuck in the freezer for a day. Voila!
Back Country Cuisine stockists: NZ & Australia (a zoom-in map)
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They dont have as many calories in those BCC meals as I thought! I was just looking at what an OSM bar contains, and its around 694 calories, and I eat one of those typically during the day, along with a protein bar, some nuts and jack links, etc. I could easily eat a double serve too, especially after a big uphill hike, but I must say they do rather seem to fill you up rather good for what they are.
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