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On access to water: how hard is it to carry 2 litres? There are tarns here and there, so you can fill up and carry it to a spot where you can fit a small ...
Tapuae-o-uenuku from Branch Cottage is 2400m. We climbed Manakau from Barret Biv in the Hapuku. A couple we knew had failed to get to the summit and wrote in the hut book: Too far and too ...
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Wightman has sold up now. No doubt the land will be used for private hunting trips. Cookies is still accessible after the flooding of June 2021. Tribulation Hut has lost its toilet - lying 50m downstream ...
Thanks, Morris. Yes, was on a trip last week with an old friend who had also been through there, his comments were much the same as yours, though he said one bit was a bit ...
From studying GPS tracked times, it has been possible for us to do it in 3 hours but it depends on the condition of the track at the time. It would usually take us an ...
I went over the saddle in the summer of 2014 in good weather. The route was in good order and easy to follow at the time. Nothing too technically challenging, just steep. The basin at ...
It was marked by pink plastic stripes. I'm hoping to get there this winter so I'll let you know what was it about
Useful input, thank you. Waynowski, in answer to your question I just thought I could stick to the high route if conditions permitted and then drop down to the lower route if required to play ...
Thanks again!
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I wouldn’t be too worried. Obviously the farther from a road end the safer.
Did Heaphy both ways back in September, and saw almost as many mountain bikers as walkers, and certainly no bad experiences.
It’s doable. I was on the bus to Routeburn Shelter that arrived there about 0940. Got to the original Hollyford road end at about 1930 I think. Be aware there’s nowhere decent to camp when ...
heres another trip she did there was another vid i cant find online anymore about kayaking around svalbard as well.. lots of polar bear encounters...
An MP presented my mapping petition to Parliament yesterday. The timing looks likely to coincide conveniently with the imminent formal policy process ann...
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Awesome. Glad it went well for you and your daughter.
Thanks @izogi, that’s very helpful. The North Egmont to Mangorei option looks interesting and thanks for the shuttle link. I think I’ll need to have a bad weather back up option as well!
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We need 10 degree frosts not snow. Even better 4 inches of rain in 30 minutes followed by 10 degree frosts. Not good for the roads or farms I know but that should turn wasp ...
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Erins above average fitness..
if you're eyeing up Shallow bay hut, it doesnt keep the mozzies and sandflies out at all....
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Click on photographs in the top line then load there then copy the link here
Three of us did a Te Hanga rece on 13 February 2021, south to north in fine weather. For the section Puketutu hut to trig A39H, the ridge line was followed, with a sprinkling of ...
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Both are very scenic in different ways. Oturere to Mangatepopo via Waihohonu and staying on track would be nudging 10 hours for me. My favourite overnighter is Mangaturuturu hut from Scoria Flat in 5-6 hours
Lake Mackenzie Hut in mid-winter was the coldest hut (barn) I've ever stayed in - even with the fire full bore. Definitely a winter-bag night. Tent would have been far warmer.
Hey BOP Tramper, From either end: 'There is a mostly fairly decently defined route, even some track left in the more mature forested sections,' Quite a bit of tape + lots of old markers to guide the way.
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No worries. Yes it could be pretty tough. Someone told me the section from Neil Forks to Maungahuka was the steepest track in the Tararuas... don't know if that's true, but I believed it!
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