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Thanks guys!
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No your right it's just a dark damp mouldy part of the world.
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yeah gamble to go there, especially with all the heavy rain, could be a stream gets blocked or is already damed and breaks sending a flash flood through the gorge.
You could always go to Tasman Saddle Hut . A balmy -23 this morning. Just the thought of that causes severe shrinkage.
This is a great trip but if its been raining the water comes right down the narrow gut that you walk up to the pass. The stuff you walk on ...
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mesh or loose knitted fabric that lets a lot of air through open pockets into the jacket
Thanks for the link @izogi. For those in a hurry caa have a summary here: And a faq here which includes an answer to the very question being asked:
1 2 3 has a forum devoted to the OT; a good source of important info and somewhere that specific questions can be answered. It's very busy (like the Routeburn) but, to my ...
the no of great walks has been unchanged for years , i think the wanganui river was the last one added, the rest of them have been around for decades... now ...
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yup you can point a camera uphill or downhill, but without something in the background to add context, it can be hard to tell just how steep a slope is.
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That trumps all other comments
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I like the concept of how Te Araroa promotes connected places through walking. As in, you can get between any two points on the route by walking between them, and ...
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@waynowski It's not that I really wanted to stay in huts, but we didn't know what other options were at the time when we booked it months ago, also we ...
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Hi, Is anyone keen on a Heaphy key swap in the next month or so? I am Chch based but could trade cars somewhere in the middle (Murchison??) to get ...
Hi there, can anyone report on what the track from the mole saddle down to the tiraumea is like? And back up again? Im taking some tramping savvy young kids ...
Anyone have any updated info on crossing the Tasman?
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hmmm ok. We'll bring hats/gloves & extra socks for sure, but it's just those water crossings that make me nervous. More due to issue of wearing enough to stay warm ...
Whoa. Its lovely in the Cobb Valley .
we were told by doc via email just 4 days ago to park in whakapapa village.
@biship: I'm sure the last 2-3km in the dark will be fine.
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You need sufficient shelter to protect yourself from hypothermia if you're injured, until rescue. For me that would be a fly or tent.
some of them are doing long miles each day, if you've got a lot of miles to do, it might be too irritating to follow a roundabout track that looks ...
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Hi everyone, Three of us are landing in Queenstown late Feb 24th, and flying out again on Sunday 4th March. So we have 7 full days and 8 nights to ...
Yeah @BdeB. saw your mugshot & name in the Mountain Scene today whilst waiting for my fish supper. World famous in Wanaka
You need to allow for 2 full days. As with any tramping in NZ, you should build in a sufficient safety margin to cope with injury, high rivers/streams, slower travel ...
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