Please respect the following rules when posting to the forums, which will be enforced at moderators' discretion. If you are affected by any rule breaches, please flag the relevant messages. Breaches may result in any or all of the following: reminders, warnings, message deletion, penalties, restricted privileges, or account deletion.

1. Abide by our community values.

Our Community values define both the future direction and the content management principles of this website, including the forums. Posts that are out of line with community values may be subject to moderation.

2. Aggressive, rude, unfriendly, impolite, and disrespectful remarks.

Any remarks that are considered to be aggressive, rude, unfriendly, impolite, and disrespectful may be moderated. Please disagree respectfully.

3. Intolerant and unwelcoming attitude to new members

New members keep this community vibrant. All long-standing members started out as new members. Please welcome and assist new members.

4. Ad hominem, and personal attacks

Attacking a person rather than their ideas is not acceptable. This includes conclusions about a person based on other forum topics. For example, "I have noticed that you are always negative and this is more of the same."

5. Escalation of conflict

Responses to a perceived attack that are considered to escalate conflict are not acceptable. Please either work to resolve conflict, opt out of the thread, or flag for moderation.

6. Harrassment, violations of privacy and abuse.

Harrassment constitutes repeated unwelcome engagement. These matters are not tolerated. Hidden harrassment via direct messages is also unacceptable and dealt with firmly.

7. Discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping

Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, nationality, "foreignness," sexual orientation, religion, age, and language are all unacceptable.

8. Trolling and baiting

Remarks that appear to be intent on generating pointless and unnecessary conflict are not welcome.

9. Inflammatory topics

Culturally sensitive matters should be avoided unless there is a genuine public interest to the topic. These discussions can damage the community for no benefit. Such topics may be closed down to protect the community.

10. Adult or offensive content and language

This is not an adults-only environment. Inappropriate material or unreasonably coarse language (including abbreviations and emoticons) is unacceptable.

11. Repeat and cross-posting

Posting the same topic repeatedly or in more than one forum is not acceptable.

12. Off-topic posting

Messages that are off topic for a forum may be moved or deleted.

13. Failure to seek moderation

Responses such as "I don't want to hear your rants" constitute failure to use the appropriate channel (moderation) and are themselves liable to be moderated.

14. Advertising

Advertising of commercial products and services is disallowed. Discussing and defending a particular product, service or brand where you are the owner of that product, service, or brand is acceptable if it is relevant to an ongoing conversation. Commercial messages relevant to the community are acceptable in the Buy / Sell / Exchange forum.

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