Anybody tried "Radix Nutrition" freeze-dry ?.

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""100% Natural Free from refined sugars Organic where possible Free from additives and preservatives Sourced globally from climates where each ingredient naturally thrives"" Other suggestions not BCC or Outdoor Gourmet appreciated ?.
They sound great. The main issue I have with BCC is the large chunks of soy in there posing as "meat" of some kind. I always felt sick as a dog after eating these - before I discovered that I reacted adversely to soy products.
Soy is so hard to avoid these days.
I was concerned about serving size, but I read they bulk to 450-550g ?. I seem to eat less volume when I'm away anyway :)
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I've ordered several and will give feedback on how they are. I tried one other brand and I could smell the canola oil but I expect this brand to be better.
I have had my package arrive today three performance meals and two breakfasts. My partner and myself will try one tonight and get back. The package looks very ligit and professional. I hope it's as good as promised,
So we tried the Moroccan style wild venison. We are pretty happy. As far as these types of meals go. This is the best we have had. I'll be buying this stuff when I need back country Kai.
@Gaiters - How much water recommended ?. A satisfying volume ?.
350-400 mls they vary and finished volume is well over 500g. It's not fine dining. But it's they best of this type of stuff I've tried. Bcc is average. Absolute wilderness is bloody horrible. Nutritionally this seems ligit and it goes down fine.
Thanks. Sounds worth a try.
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Started by Pro-active
On 13 August 2018
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