Powdered Egg

Like many I’m always looking for new ways to spruce up the tramping menu. Thinking a couple slices of bread toasted over a stove each morning is easily achievable, using a piece of toaster gauze available at camping stores. I’m thinking This coupled with powdered egg should be an addition to the breakfast menu. Has anyone tried this stuff and is it available in NZ supermarkets? This is the gauze mentioned. https://images.snowys.com.au/content/images/thumbs/0040862_gauze-toaster-refill-2-pack.jpeg Phil
My vague memories from long ago are that while powdered egg works well as a substitute in baking and pancakes and the likes, it doesn't make particularly appetising scrambled eggs. At least that's my memory of whatever product and preparation method I tried.
Good luck to you if you can eat powdered egg straight (ie as scrambled or omelette) - unpalatable is the nice way to describe it (imo). I use a small amount, occasionally, in a mix with flour, baking pwdr, bicarb, brown sugar, cocoa - cooked as a steamed pudding - yum. For breakfast, you could try home-dehy fruit (mango, kiwi, papaya, pineapple, stone fruits, apple etc). Rehydrate overnight. Eat the fruit and drink the juice. Together with a Tararua biscuit, it's a quick, no-cook, tasty breaky.
I've had omelettes in the field flavoured with grated cheese. Adding dried chives would be nice too. If I could get powdered egg, I'd buy some. We had a thread on this a while ago. https://tramper.nz/forums/thread/8467/ It is possible to dehydrate your own eggs (I mean the eggs from hens, that is - not your own). The BCC scrambled egg is very delicious.
Thanks for the replies, might give the p egg a miss from comments! Another thought is to pack a few of those individually wrapped cheese slices and do cheese on toast. Didn’t think through the idea of placing bread straight on toaster gauze as it would burn pretty quickly. Need to think of way to suspend toast over flame/gauze without taking along the whole rack as below. https://images.snowys.com.au/content/images/thumbs/0040859_gauze-toaster.jpeg Phil
I think many people miss the point of the frame on those toasters. Putting the toast on the gauze WILL burn the toast. The toast is meant to benefit from the heat created from the gauze glowing hot and red. There needs to be a gap between the toast and the gauze. I've dehydrated my own eggs (yes, hens eggs that is). But they were mine, i bought them with my own money. They'll never be the equivalent of scrambled eggs made from fresh eggs. The best application i found was frying the mix as you would an omelette. Then rolling something inside such as reconstituted salsa or refried beans. Maybe something crunchy like a stick of vegetable. I think the trick is to simply season the omelette mix with salt and pepper or similar. Nothing wrong with BCC scrambled egg mix doing the same.

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Started by Kickinghorse
On 13 February 2020
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