Longest lasting hard cheese, in supermarkets?

What's the cheese with the longest life at pack-temperature, that you have seen in supermarkets in NZ? I had some yak cheese in Nepal which lasted weeks without refrigeration, maybe months. It was as hard as a rock but didn't go off.
I dont know if you remember the Chesdale cheese ads. Chesdale is a processed cheese. Its slightly soft and quite bland as cheese goes but it was designed and manufactured with the intention of being able to be stored in tropical climates without refrigeration. If the foil pack has not been opened months in summer no problem. A few years ago we were camping in Napier. Midsummer 30+ each day. Went out and got supplies but missed a pack of Danish blue cheese that got left in a plastic bag on the floor of the tent for a week. Tasted fine after we poured the oil off.
Thanks @geeves yes I tested processed cheese shelf life a few years ago. It lasted a few weeks at room temperature if I remember rightly. By that time I had eaten it all, so the experiment didn't go any longer. Might have lasted a looong time.
They dont call it plastic cheese for nothing. one reason is its as indestructable as plastic the other refers to its taste
If you grate cheese and spread it out on baking paper, you can dry it in a dehydrator or an oven on low heat, or outside on trays in a meat safe type arrangement if you’re in a dryish climate. Bag it with a packet of desiccant and a powdered up vitamin C tablet, maybe a sprinkle of citric acid. Leave the desiccant behind when you go tramping. Not good for putting on crackers, but goes well in the couscous, pasta or rice.
I was given several little wedges of wax-enrobed cheddar and was impressed how it handled the heat. I also had wax-enrobed blue vein cheese too.

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Forum Food
Started by James the Giant
On 27 August 2021
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