Polenta chips - easy, fast and lots of calories

I went socializing the other evening and was served these so attempted them at home a couple of times. Very pleased with the result. You make up instant polenta a bit thicker than usual with added cheese (the recipe said grated parmesan) with the addition in the back country of a stock cube etc. and some herbs - in my case, good old onion-grass. You spread the polenta out as a flat block and allow it to cool then but cut it into chips. I spread it out on baking paper. You can fry them or bake them. Baking is easier but not so available in the back country. I dipped them into pasta sauce or mayo in lieu of aioli. The quantities were: 150g instant polenta, 400ml 'stock', 40g parmesan. I baked them for half an hour which wasn't much longer than frying them and less fiddly.
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great recipe thanks Honora.
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@giuseppe: Assuming you're Italian - are they traditional over in Italy? I once saw an Italian in a hut making what I thought was porridge with the addition of parmesan but maybe he was making polenta. I read recently maize has some amino acid protein that offsets an ill-effect of other plant-based proteins.
@Honora Sorry mate I haven't been able to come inside the forum lately. Polenta is definitely an Italian recipe but comes from north Italy, usually people eat polenta only in the north regions of Italy. I'm from south originally and rarely you find polenta in restaurant's or houses down in the south. It's a warm and filling plate good for the low temperature of the alps. Polenta chips are actually a recent invention and I have to say that they are really yum!!
thanks for the recipe! that's what I was looking for

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Started by Honora
On 1 June 2019
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