Packing food for 7 days tramping+emergency food.

Hi guys. I'm sure this type of topic has been discussed before but its good for me to have fresh and new ideas for food for my next trip. Last march I was tramping in the routeburn and the Matukituki valley and for the first time I tried the famous "backcountry food". I would be very honest with you...I was disgusted by the end of stomach was bloated and I was farting every 3 minutes :D. So if I want to keep dehydrated food only for emergency how would you pack for one week tramping avoiding "backcountry" ?
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Sometimes packing food (for longer trips) its a compromise between factors like cost, weight, flavour etc. I've seen guys on massive trips live on nothing but bags of lentils, oats, rice. That would do my head in personally. I think the way to go - as advised by some here - is the DIY dehy option. Those backcountry meals make me feel sick as - they sneak a lot of soy in there with the implication that its "meat."
That's an interesting observation si-dog. I've never really enjoyed the modern, 'convenient' dehyd packages either. They're not awful, but neither do they ever seem to settle well either. And after many days of them my energy levels seem to wane more than is reasonable. In my 20's (deep dark ages ago) the meals we lashed up with ingredients we sourced ourselves were a lot more flavoursome and satisfying.
Yes....I might need to update to a 65/70 LT for longer trips...the 50 LT is quite risky at this point.
I try and do a once a year 8-10 day tramp and also try to avoid bought dehy meals, but don't mind them for a change so I might take a couple - quite often I add extra water & dehy mash to them. My go to meal has been couscous, 1/2cup per meals & so easy to cook. Then flavour it up - I add different soup packets (extra bit of water equired), dehy peas, small tins/sachets fish, herbs & spices, garlic etc.Bit of fresh food at the start. Lunch is normally OSM bars, snacks, parmesan cheese 500gm block (lasts 10 days fine) either crackers or flat breads salami lasts too. Porridge in the morning add in milk powder, LSA and whatever else takes your fancy to the mix - then I jazz it up with muscvado sugar on the top.
that is good idea phil21,not bad as menu.
how Do you usually store food inside the pack? Just normal plastic bags ?or you have lightweight container ?
General question ?. Zip-lock plastic bags per serving. I use an empty 1kg yoghurt container, or 2, as an eating vessel. Tip in food. Add 500ml boiled water & wait. Usually wrap a microfibre towel, or something, as extra insulation. Next course goes into same container, and so on. Final brew of tea & the container's half washed. Splash of Vodka makes it sterile. Things like BCC that come in foil bags, just get contents shaken, stirred,rehydrated & eaten out of. Zip it closed and fold it up for the rubbish bag. 1x big bag per days food, or rubbish. All sit inside one of those evil single use supermarket bags so I have a single bag for my food. Each night, next days snacks (nut bars) or lunch (One Square Meal bars) go into a side pouch. Or, I kill something along the way & eat it raw. ;)
Ziplock bags are pretty good man. You can wash them out and reuse them if they don't get too manky.
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As others have mentioned, adding fats and oils gives you twice as much energy per gram of weight. Oil-rich items such as pesto, tahini, oily hummus, frying dried falafels in oil, pates, high-fat cheeses etc. and you can add this stuff to your evening meals. I bought several Radix meals and have tried one. It was very much like real food as it didn't have that disgusting soy TVP in it, with real dried chicken instead. The flavour we tried was underflavoured and would have benefitted with having a packet of miso soup added we reckoned. But after BCC, it was impressive. I had the Absolute Wilderness but am not a fan of canola or hyped BS either. I think using the BCC mince is a good idea as endorsed by others. Pumping it up with sour cream would get you through the day!Nachos are a nice variant. I had the dehy refried beans for a while too but not sure if they are available still. I buy jerky from the local butcher but you need good teeth and jaws for hers. I also have dried cheese from Italy at $5 a packet. Not cheap! Macadamias have the highest amount of fat of any nut. You can add coconut oil to your chocolaty evening drink or peanut butter, I've heard. It also helps keep you warm they say.
Hey there, I usually take cereals in [zipper snack bags]( (or you can buy [instant oatmeal packs](, a few small vacuum packages of sausages, instant noodles and buckwheat since it's quickly to cook, spaghetti and cucumbers since these veggies can endure long travels. Also I put sandwiches (a snack for the first day) and slices of bread in [plastic food packaging]( which can be later used a plates or bowls. Also sometimes I buy a few packs of [meal-ready-to-eat](
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