Anybody taking Turmeric ?.

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I read it takes about 2 weeks to kick-in. Those who then come off it notice the downside within a few days ?. I'm talking about the 500-1000mg circumin dose rather than as cooking seasoning.
It seems i'm always washing that damn orange colour out of our dishcloth as my partner consumes it daily. She carries it on walks. Being an anti inflammatory she treats it as a natural alternative to Nurofen. She notices it a little when not taking it because certain joints etc get a touch of arthritic type pain. Apparently black pepper helps the body absorb it. Much like vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, from parsley for example.
it can keep me awake at night if i had too much or late in the day, i found it was like caffeine, anything more than a pinch of it leaves me feeling like i've had too much coffee and i get jittery
I've been taking a Turmeric supplement for the past 2 months and my knees are as free from arthritic discomfort as they have ever been in the past 6 years of taking joint supplements. Works for me.
i used hydrolized collagen for knees
tumeric and black pepper sounds like the start of a nice curry. Circumin is also in cinimum vanilla cherry and almond. Unfortunately its also implicated in some kidney stones and if youve had them you take note of ways not to get them again.
Thanks all. Turmeric, & half a dozen grinds of black pepper, can be useful in a stirfry. Tho it does overwshelm, stain everything yellow, and you'd need to crank it up to get an effective 500-1000mg curcumin. Possibly Waynowski's experience ?. Hence, tablets. Gazcan & Aardvark, that's pretty well what I've read. Nice to hear it a little closer to home. Haven't heard of kidney stone probs, but if it happens, I owe you a beer for the heads-up, Geeves. Thanks again, all. Just waiting for Honora to kick-in when she gets home again ?. :) Cheers !.
I don't like the flavour. My mom use it in everything back at home for the beneficial effect that this spice have. Typical recipe that she does is brown rise with peas and onion with lots turmeric...not my cup of tea :D
Turmeric is so 2018, everyone is now taking Fenugreek /s Seriously, the health benefits from those spices is way overblown. The marketers behind the supplement companies do an amazing job of spreading benefits of their new miracle pill. Goes well with a roast Kumara, carrot and Quinoa salad
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"Haven't heard of kidney stone probs, but if it happens, I owe you a beer for the heads-up, Geeves." Thanks for the offer of the beer but people prone to kidney stones should limit alcohol. luckily most people dont get kidney stones but getting one makes you prone to get more and they all feel just the same. Think the worst tooth ache you ever had except its every tooth and all the pain is in one side of your abdomen and still twice as bad as my description. The last one took a week to go away and even tramadol didnt work. I wouldnt wish them on anyone. Since that one I have cut coffee to rarely more than 1 cup a day and never more than 3 Cola never again not that I drunk much of it before. Spinage and Kale gone as is rhubarb Milk is reduced and some nuts have to be restricted. The big one though was nearly doubling the amount of water I drink every day. Spicy foods can cause issues as well but from what I can make out they can just make them worse rather than cause them. I like spicy food.
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Started by Pro-active
On 7 February 2019
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