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Hi there, I'm Doro from Germany and currently travelling on the South Islands until the 12th of March. I'm looking for some tramping partners for some tramps in Fjordland and on Stewart Island. In case anyone ...
Hi Conny. Ich bin gerade auf der Südinsel noch bis zum 12. März. Ich würde gerne die 9 tägige Wanderung auf Steward Island machen (North-West-Circuit) gegen Ende Februar, falls Du Lust hast, können wir das ...
Hi Wendy, I should be in queenstown area at this time and looking for partner too. The gillespies looks tempting also I would add Rabbit pass! (but you might have not enough time) how about dingle burn? Or ...
Hi Linda, I might be keen - I moved to Wellington a year ago and have done a couple tramps in the Tararuas since then, keen to explore a bit more. Unfortunately my weekends are all ...
Awesome trip @madpom. Thanks for posting the link.
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I’m in Invercargill. Where are you?
You can not just leave us hanging like that @PhilipW!
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Hi, I am a solo hiker, 48 years old from Singapore, wanting to do the GIllespie pass trek from 8th Dec 2019. The trekking company needs at least 1-2 more hikers to take the group. ...
No, I am just more familiar with the country, haven't done alot down south, would love to get to Stewart island some day tho.
@phillipw. Very keen to hear your route & experience on Dark Cloud Range. Any chance of a summary (prob in a new thread?).
Hi all ,am a solo paced tramper looking to cross the tararuas sometime end of this year seeing if someone wanted to come along,normally go with the dog but he getting old now. 35yo
Hi guys, let’s make it straight. Two of us are planning to do three great walks, starting with Tongariro Northern Circuit(off-season), then lake Waikeremoana then Abel Tasman coastal track in July this yr.(yep next month) Fiordland ...
How frequently are you interested in hiking? Where are you based? I'm looking at getting out more but it's hard to be motivated without a partner.
We were at Lyell hut at the weekend. There was 200mm of snow around the hut and like Glennj says I imagine Neave would be well surrounded by at least that much. Starting to get a ...
Hello Trampers !!! I'm looking to go for a tramp on the Dusky Track, between the 7th and 10th on May. I would love find someone to join me for this trip ! (He nobody is keen ...
You will likely find a few others for company, we went through this time last year and it was not too busy but very friendly. Not as many TA walkers as say Feb. Enjoy, it’s a ...
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@giuseppe23 it took us 8 days to complete. no delays because of flooding. it was really awesome up there !
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I called the DOC, and the work planned should not start for at least 2 weeks.
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if the weather isnt too bad, there should be a few thousand other people there...
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Hi, I am also from the Britain looking to do the north island Te Araroa starting in January. Am happy to solo but a partner would be great. I am also a keen mountaineer and ...
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Hi If you are wishing to make use of the chairlift for some of the ascent, it might pay to check its still available. the old one is being removed to make way for a ...
Are there any meetup groups up that way that would meet your needs? These gyuys may also do walks in the places you want to go to:
I'd love to help. It's a walk i have enjoyed three times and in different ways. I will probably touch on it again. Unfortunately, i'm in Brisbane right now. I come from years of ...
Thanks for the reminder. My Stingoes is pretty old! Still no nests seen this weekend. Frank filled his 2 fish tins with water and drowned around 100 wasps in them. They prefer salmon to sardines ...
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Hello people! There is anyone that live or wil be around Queenstown/Wanaka for a day tramping around the third week in March? I might hire a car some I can come and pick you up with no ...
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