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I have tried BBC and outdoor gourmet (scrambled egg, porrige,breakfast,lamb risoto) but at home not on the trail. I find it ok and like the fact that no dishes to wash (bone idle lol) and carrying out the rubbish I dont see as a problem. Fairly expensive but if purchased while on special not so bad. The question I have is to those that use it is a single serve ok for 1 person when tramping, have read else where that 1 person is better with a 2 serve. So what do you guys have 1 or 2 serve.
I definitely eat a BCC double serve when I am tramping (or split a 5 serve + extra mash/rice between 3 of us). For reference I am not a big guy (5'8" and 60kg dripping wet) but do tend to be able to put away a lot of food in general. Another option you might like to consider is Radix I started using this recently as I was getting sick of the taste of BCC. I found it tastes a lot better and from memory the Expedition range packs more energy in less weight (at least according to the packaging) than most BCC meals. I did, however, find it is less filling. It is also more expensive.
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You can bulk up your ration with instant spud. Some have suggested splitting a double-serve into 2 meals & making up to volume again with instant spud & dehy mince, hence spinning out the flavouring & accessories. Some small females struggle with the volume of the double-serve. I was more likely to have it as one course of a meal. Looks like they've changed their packaging ?. Cheaper when on special at Torpedo7 or at my local New World. Slighly cheaper than the Clubs bulk purchase even.
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you need a lot of carbs, bulk up with carbs like spuds as suggested or rice or lentils
When I used to take BC meals, I would eat a double serve. I found that a single serve left the legs feeing a little tired on uphills the next day. Having said that, if I was doing short days or a great walk, I'd probably only eat a single server as I doubt I have the appetite to eat a double serve. I also find that they taste better on the trail than at home :) See below for a calorie density comparison I threw together when bored one night (weight listed is pack weight, not rehydrated weight. Data taken from manufacturers websites) Moh --------------------------------------------- **Radix Expedition $15.90** Moroccan Style Wild Venison 140 g 803 cal 574 cal/100g Chicken Curry 137 g 770 cal 562 cal/100g Beef with Spinach Palusami 140 g 786 cal 561 cal/100g Mediterranean Style Chicken 140 g 786 cal 561 cal/100g **Radix Perforamce $14.90** Chicken with Coconut & Lime 117 g 617 cal 527 cal/100g Venison with Leek & Thyme 118 g 619 cal 525 cal/100g Moroccan Style Wild Venison 118 g 617 cal 523 cal/100g Mexican Chilli with Beef 117 g 609 cal 521 cal/100g Beef with Ginger & Pineapple 117 g 609 cal 521 cal/100g Chicken Tikka Masala. 117 g 593 cal 507 cal/100g **Radix Well Being $13.90** Chicken with Coconut & Lime 86 g 461 cal 536 cal/100g Beef with Ginger & Pineapple 86 g 459 cal 534 cal/100g Mexican Chilli with Beef. 87 g. 459 cal 528 cal/100g Chicken Tikka Masala. 86 g 447 cal 520 cal/100g Moroccan Venison 88 g 424 cal 482 cal/100g Venison, Leek & Thyme. 88 g 405 cal 460 cal/100g **Back Country $13.00** (double serve) COTTAGE PIE. 175 g. 860 cal 491 cal/100g CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA. 175 g 816 cal 466 cal/100g BEEF STROGANOFF. 175 g 812 cal 464 cal/100g SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE. 175 g 802 cal 458 cal/100g LAMB FETTUCINE. 175 g 802 cal 458 cal/100g CHICKEN TOMATO ALFREDO 175 g 792 cal 453 cal/100g BEEF AND PASTA HOTPOT 175 g 778 cal 445 cal/100g THAI CHICKEN CURRY. 175 g 762 cal 435 cal/100g BEEF TERIYAKI 175 g 758 cal 433 cal/100g BEEF CURRY 175 g 752 cal 430 cal/100g NASI GORENG 175 g 752 cal 430 cal/100g CREAMY CARBONARA 175 g 744 cal 425 cal/100g ROAST LAMB AND VEGETABLES 175 g 742 cal 424 cal/100g ROAST CHICKEN 175 g 740 cal 423 cal/100g SWEET AND SOUR LAMB 175 g 734 cal 419 cal/100g MOROCCAN LAMB 175 g 730 cal 417 cal/100g HONEY SOY CHICKEN 175 g 716 cal 409 cal/100g PASTA VEGETARIANO 175 g 710 cal 406 cal/100g VENISON RISOTTO 175 g 706 cal 403 cal/100g HEARTY VENISON CASSEROLE 175 g 686 cal 392 cal/100g JAMAICAN GOAT CURRY 175 g 644 cal 368 cal/100g VEGETARIAN STIRFRY 175 g 640 cal 366 cal/100g MALAYSIAN VEGETABLE CURRY 175 g 586 cal 335 cal/100g INSTANT MASHED POTATO 160 g 670 cal 419 cal/100g BEEF MINCE 160 g 900 cal 563 cal/100g MIXED VEG 90 g 275 cal 306 cal/100g **Outdoor Gourmet** TANDOORI CHICKEN 190 g 874 cal 460 cal/100g BUTTER CHICKEN 190 g 840 cal 442 cal/100g THAI GREEN CHICKEN CURRY 190 g 836 cal 440 cal/100g BEEF BOURGUIGNON 190 g 720 cal 379 cal/100g VENISON AND RICE NOODLE 190 g 628 cal 331 cal/100g **Absolute Wilderness** THAI RED CURRY 100 g 602 cal 602 cal/100g BUTTER CHICKEN 100 g 543 cal 543 cal/100g BACON MASH 85 g 457 cal 538 cal/100g LARGE WILDERNESS STEW 135 g 716 cal 530 cal/100g WILDERNESS STEW 90 g 477 cal 530 cal/100g COUSCOUS SALAD 125 g 643 cal 514 cal/100g CHILI CON CARNE 100 g 443 cal 443 cal/100g SOUTHERN STYLE BEANS 100 g 410 cal 410 cal/100g
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That’s an awesome summary list, thanks!
@Moh_Oz: Very worthwhile information Radix might have more oil in than the other brands. I always add about 50mls of oil to the meals. Apparently weight for weight you don't get a lot with mashed spud though I use it because it's quick. I add dairy creamer to make it creamier. Some folks use coconut powder for the same effect. One of the brands reeked of canola oil and it was listed as an ingredient.
We have found that we feel we can;t justify the fact that the waste can't be recycled.
@PaulEvans the waste in the packaging is made of about 5 to 10g of petroleum products, which is the same as driving you car less than 100 metres. How far do you drive to get to the track? Maybe hundreds of kilos of petroleum. The food packaging waste is insignificant.
Thanks for all the info,
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