What is your favoutire Back Country Cuisine meal?

With so many different Back Country Cuisine options to choose from, we are interested in hearing what peoples Back Country Cuisine recommendations are on what your favorite Back Country meal is. http://bit.ly/2q479nQ
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Good idea @ian_h, I'll be stealing that one! I'm a big fan of BCCs "Cooked Breakfast" personally. I find all their meat dishes taste the same, so the Cooked Breakfast is a winner with it's egg flavour.
I'm surprised you guys don't dehydrate your own meals. Doing your own means you can control the content, flavours, quantity and, ultimately (imo), produce a much better meal - and very low cost. Here's one example : mince chicken, stir-fry then add ginger, garlic, sambal, spring onion. Once cooked, add coconut milk and simmer until almost dry. Cool then put in dehydrator and dry overnight. Usually, I'll dehydrate veggies separately (zucchini, sweet potato, capsicum, beans, etc) and add to the dry mix. 80g of meal/veggie mix and 90g of cous-cous or somen noodles or pasta or rice (cooked and re-dehydrated because then it cooks quicker).
@Ian_H I like what you do, Allot of people choose the mince for that reason :)
@Kreig How do you heat the Kaweka meals (do you just keep them sealed and put them in a pot of boiling water?)
Bcc roast lamb. But need to add pepper. Cooked brekkie also. Again need to add pepper So if I am ever at mcd's or bk I stock up on pepper
I've done a lot of my own meals also. Be very careful though with DIY dehydrated chicken.
Classic Beef Curry is my fav. I am an unabashed lover of BCCs (but should point out, I suppose, that I come from the food-as-fuel and everything-tastes-good-in-the-bush camps).
You can split a BCC meal pack & re-bulk it with your own added mash, mince or vege. Just spreads the flavour further. Prefer to buy their spud based meals, as hard rice doesn't appeal. Instant porridge, whole milk powder and nuts & raisins blows dehy out of the water.

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I recently discovered the Backcountry Cuisine dehy grated cheese (it's a meal complement, in the blue packets). Found it at Fresh Choice Te Anau, pretty much have only found it in Southland so far.
Dehydrated cheese is interesting, although I normally just purchase a small block of fresh cheese. Normally keeps for a few days in the pack. Would be heavier than dehy, but can eat it straight.
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