powdered alcohol

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"Want to turn water into rum? Great news: You’ll be able to by the end of the summer! Well, probably. Lately, people have been talking about Palcohol, or powdered alcohol. The boozy powder was invented in the name of convenience: An active outdoorsman, creator Mark Phillips wanted to enjoy a drink after an excursion but didn’t want to lug heavy bottles of liquor with him. Phillips spent years tinkering and working with scientists to create the perfect recipes. The result: Five small, easy-to-transport packets filled with patent-pending powder. Mix the contents of each packet with 6 ounces of liquid (water, soda, or juice), and you have rum, vodka, a cosmopolitan, a lemon drop, and a margarita-ish drink. One pack, which will be sold for $3.99AUS (to adults 21 and over, of course), is equivalent in alcohol content to one shot. And at just 80 calories, the powder is around 17 fewer calories than a shot of liquid vodka or rum.... “You can’t double the dose of Palcohol or you would get [an undrinkable] mush,” he says, pointing out that people put two or three extra shots of liquid alcohol into drinks all the time." http://www.menshealth.com/health/truth-about-powdered-alcohol http://www.palcohol.com/home.html
if you cant wait for it to hit a shop near you try the home made version http://www.instructables.com/id/Powdered-Alcohol/?ALLSTEPS
Good idea but a small flask of Mothers Milk weighs next to nothing. I am partial to a Suntory Whisky as I lived in Japan for a couple of years.
"Good idea but a small flask of Mothers Milk weighs next to nothing" It comes in a plastic bottle? http://www.lewisroadcreamery.co.nz/breast-milk
Powdered alcohol.... I shall have to try this weird phenomenon myself... Although, at $4 for one shot, I can't see this becoming a fixture in my pack. 1 litre of scotch, for instance, is 32 shots (standard drinks). And costs, at most (unless going top shelf) $40. 32 packets of this stuff will be $128. Like I said; not gonna be a staple. But - in the name of exploration, of course - I'll test it out. ;)
Each time when we went to the mountains I used to dream of a beer pipe
You could just take a large pot some hops and malt and a little yeast with you. Just add water and set it all up and it will be ready for next trip
But the greatest joy of any big tramping trip is that first beer after you get back! Was it Eric Shipton or Frank Smythe (Bill Tilman?) who said, expeditions are wonderful things, but the best part of all is when you finish?
I have a platypus bladder that holds one bottle of wine indispensable item.
Prenzel Mulled Wine concentrate - 1 of wine to 3 of water http://www.shop.liquorland.co.nz/GetImage.ashx?Path=~%2FAssets%2FProductImages%2F9416955043251_prenzel-mulled-wine-mixer-750ml_1.jpg
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