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So we're all experts on keeping healthy and fed from as light a pack as possible, right? Now help me apply that knowledge to a more critical cause. If you could afford the freight to send just 10kg of food a month to a mate in a country where the basics (except fruit and salt) have ceased to be available or affordable: what would you send? We're talking provincial Venezuela. Dairy is unavailable (at Bs 200000 - half the fortnightly wage for 1l of milk. If you can find any). Meat is likewise too expensive to form any significant part of the diet. . Flour is unavailable. Even rice hard to come by. Answers by Friday please.
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Thanks for all the replies on this one. Regarding sending food packages I finally tracked down a freight-forwarding company in Miami that can forward parcels to regional Venezuela at per cubic foot cost (US$90 per 3 cubic feet), rather than $30 per kg as is the case from NZ by NZ Post. Linking that up with the ability to order limited grocery products shipped by USPS from Amazon makes a viable and affordable way of getting food parcel out there with some 'real' food products in them. Sadly that means anchor milk & all the other iconic kiwi brands will not be winging their way to Venezuela. Instead tax dodging multinationals like Amazon will be profiting instead - and US brands I've never heard of. But needs must. We have sent a parcel of clothes and a few kiwi treats - so some icons will make it there. Assuming that the freight company live up to their promises - the first food parcel has yet to arrive - the only catch is the Venezuelan customs limit on US$100 of value per parcel before the recipient has to pay import duties. For all those Venezuelans sending food parcels back to family - not an issue as they can lie on the declaration of value. But for me with Amazon shipping the docket attached to the parcel, I lose that ability to fiddle the figures. I'll be integrating your thoughts on nutrition into the parcels - but with the key difference that $cost rather than weight are now the limiting factors. Thanks again.
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Started by madpom
On 28 November 2017
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