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Politics aside, Uncle Wacko has some incorrect information on materials used in some tents.
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ok so why was not currency recovered when that exchange in Christchurch got hacked. $3m in clients money plus the company down the gurgler. In this case Public is not ...
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I've done the track twice and both times hiked north to Wanui Bay from Marahau, but would actually recommend the reverse, ending at Wanui Bay is pretty meh, then you ...
Attempted it late June 1980 from the Siberia to the Young. Deep snow slowed us down badly, and when we finally got to the top it was too late and ...
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thanks for the recipe! that's what I was looking for
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Earth Sea Sky (last NZ-owned-and-made gear?) has base layers made of something that's not polypropylene. I can't recall mine pilling, but I'm unsure.
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Thanks to all who posted. Wonderful insights, thoughtful proposals, stimulating discussion. Cheers~
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theres a document DOC have which dictates the standards the tracks need to be maintained to, specifies how much mud and piddles are tolerated by default... and about maintaining it.. cant ...
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"o" for owsum! Look forward to hearing about your adventure next year. And you know where to find the forum if you wanna rap about anything beforehand.
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I did a trip in Kahurangi Feb this year. The handful of trampers I met coming up from Karamea and heading for Flora were carrying supplies for their entire tramp. ...
Tent is sold
Yes, indeed - all good again. Thanks, Matthew.
I made this with the vegan egg powder. It doesn't bind the dough as well as the egg does but it was no problem and tasted exactly the same. Instead ...
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found in the riverbed, believed to have drowned trying to cross the river
Thanks @Ian_H and @Yarmoss Looks like I'll think about doing this later in the year getting closer to summer.
@izogi Yes that's Pinnacle Spur alright. The contour lines match up perfectly.
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@TararuaHunter I'm not 100% sure of the year now, but I think it was late November 2009. If you know Tony Matheson he may still have the phone call I ...
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izogi - that's really useful, thank you! I've often come across your blog when researching trips :) Will give those a good read now but already looking highly relevant - ...
That's very kind of you FrankB, but the Atmos would be too big, they have 10.5-11.5inch back measurements. I also have an Aarn pack, they are great.
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Hi guys, let’s make it straight. Two of us are planning to do three great walks, starting with Tongariro Northern Circuit(off-season), then lake Waikeremoana then Abel Tasman coastal track in ...
How frequently are you interested in hiking? Where are you based? I'm looking at getting out more but it's hard to be motivated without a partner.
We were at Lyell hut at the weekend. There was 200mm of snow around the hut and like Glennj says I imagine Neave would be well surrounded by at least ...
I reckon it would be possible as there are no restrictions on camping along the trail except in Northland I think. Others will be better informed than I am. You ...

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