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Some great advice. We are travelling from Australia, thus so overwhelmed with all the great options in NZ!
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Has anyone had any experience with Outdoor Research's Microgravity jacket or OR's Ascentshell 3L fabric? I'm not expecting it to keep me dry in heavy rain, just warm (but not too warm). It would however ...
Yeah, this is a really informative & useful website (I've contributed quite a bit considering I'm not a kiwi) but the spam has become a real problem. Perhaps Matthew should consider enabling a handful of moderators ...
its all expensive huts in the front country now that soaks up all the money.... encourages too many people to compete for the upmarket huts...
Thanks Ian H and Moh Oz......much appreciated.
Hi Pascal I forwarded on your post to my brother who has Swiss connections in Nelson. He says he'll forward your post on to some fit Swiss trampers he knows. cheers, Honora
the parks is still open, its just The huts that arent. some roadends are bad for vandalism and theft.... there are places that will look after your car for a small fee. the TUT managing authority ...
Light and up to the job has a value that can only be appreciated by those willing to pay. My winter bag has a similar rating 1 2/3 times the weight and quarter the price. ...
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2 working pens in the biv and the fire beautifully laid so I suspect that was the hand of Richard Jaansen, the awesome broom-cutter who was there at QB w/e. The canvas bunk had been ...
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Many thanks nzbazza — much appreciated! Cheers, Alan
They have gas canisters at the 4 Square although on our last visit they had none due to supply chain issues. Also the backpackers had plenty of gas canisters from people departing the island by ...
Neato, will check out farmlands next time I'm there!
If you plan to hike for a few miles for about one to two hours, then running shoes should be fine. However, if you are planning for a hike that covers a longer distance, I ...
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I went up there a few weeks ago in the 4wd but still in 2wd and it started to bog in that ford. Interesting but no drama. Went to the top came back and wondered ...
Bound to be some small ones
Our tramping club has twice planned a trip to Shutes Hut. First time was a long up then a long down and then they couldn't cross the stream at the bottom, at the other side ...
Yeah - I went and had a look at the crampons they usually lend out, they're a flexible kind (and locking for stiff boots). Thanks for all the advice guys!
68 yr old boy in Tauranga looking for others to share adventures with anywhere in NZ. I mostly go bush for 2-3 nights during the week, when it isn't full of brats, but willing to ...
Maybe I should give the B1 another try. I took an entire bottle daily and despite that noticed Frank was still being bitten less than I was but perhaps there is less itching. I've got ...
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@dreambroom. Sorry for delay in reply. Just finished a late dinner and dishes. You can send an internal mail message (from the Mail item in your NZ Tramper Profile menu; select antico as the To: ... ...
My XXL Moa overtrousers weigh 288g and that's with the extensive duct tape repairs on the lower inside seams. I guess that makes them heavy duty in some parts.
Hi, thanks for your appreciation Bozeman. We created that track from deer trails over many years and finished it recently. Liz Wrightwick and Peter Umbers marked out the final segment to above the gorge which ...
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I recall someone's vizsla and I keeping each other warm on a frosty night at Pinchgut Hut. Symbiosis.
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Bait the rat trap without getting your hands dirty. You will hear a buzzer which will confirm that it has been engaged.This rat trap is very easy to clean. Just wash the trap with soapy ...
True, usb-c headphones exist! I'd forgotten. Might be an idea.

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