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I used to give a mate at work a hard time about how he was always going in to Black Hill Hut but then we started going there a lot too. That walk in along ...
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The old fell hut site had no flat ground at all. Can't speak for the new one. Good camping at Richmond Saddle.
when the actor took a big slide, it looked like he was holding onto something between his legs that you couldnt see, like something underneath him to slide better on... but its TV, take it with ...
Stepping back about 15 side-tracks. I notice that Redcliff Hut appeared on DOC's maps at some point during lockdown (so maybe DOC Te Anau follow!). I further notice that there was a Redcliff Hut ...
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Ugh. Things aren't looking good if some kind of clue isn't dug up soon on where and when they might have even been trying to be. > Despite the area covered and the growing resources thrown ...
@Bozeman: Thanks for the update.
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I wasn't asked for ID when i drank some of the water from Snowy Ck, on my way to Lochnagar. I would suggest injecting a bit of the Snowy Creek as a cure for the ...
Re Becketts access. Both WAMS and DOC show a DOC track along the 4WD track that goes to Becketts. DOC call it: APARIMA HUT TO PRINCHESTER SADDLE TRACK The track was there (in DOC's brochures) in 2011, ...
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And partly due to huddling behaviour. The link cites that ""None of the temperatures in badly affected cities dipped below 0C (32F)during the height of the epidemic, which may suggest a lower threshold beyond ...
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Geotechnical report still to complete but plans are for Routeburn (end-to-end) & Milford Tracks to be open for Summer.
In the end, I was comfortably warm with the quilt in the huts on the Kepler Track in early February this year. I used a silk/cotton liner to avoid sticking to the mattress. The weather was ...
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Looks like mainly wilding pine work. Which is good & worthwhile. But note that as pine control is funded through MPI as part of their biosecurity responsabilities - it's not necessarily a boost to DOC's ...
Just checked Moir’s and Zora canyon is descended on the true left though it is quite an in-depth route description so well worth getting hold of a copy to study. *Zora autocorrect!
You start sliding on that mountain there isnt much terrain that will stop you. Coroners reports have quoted falls of 300+ meters
How many active members does this forum have?
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The Cropp has the highest recorded rainfall because it has a recorder there but other valleys without recorders might get more rainfall apparently. Congratulations on getting there. Magnificent place and I guess it was your update ...
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I like the idea of "route bagging" :smile: Personally I think that adding all the DOC tracks would clutter up the routeguides interface. Generally if I'm looking at routeguides it is either because there *isn't* an ...
not bad, but not as accurate as NZ topos. they look like hte contours have been computer generated and dont bear as accurate a resemblance to all the topography.cliffs for instance may not show. its ...
Bin Inn used to do 'Grind-your-own-PB'. Straight into the zip-lock would be handy.
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While we can't get out into the wilderness we can still explore - some light entertainment based on the popular lockdown Bear Hunt... Some naughty teddy bears and their friends have snuck off into the wilds, ...
Should enter some of those pics in the photo competition page
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Hi, A few years ago I went up behind the Top Hope Hut, along the Nelson Tops, along the Tutaekuri Tops, crossed the head of Mackenzie Stream into the unnamed stream via the saddle North of ...
Hi @Matthew, Just following up on this. Anything you need from me to help progress this onwards? Understand you may be preoccupied with more important things at present, just thought I'd check in in-case now is ...
Just wondering if anyone has done this route in May? I have read the Moirs snippet on the route and it says this is the simplest route in summer so thinking maybe its a bit dodgey ...
HI All I'm an armed tramper and for me knowing whats public land and whats not is crucial so I use the site DOC discover the outdoors,to plan trips. The other tool I use is the Topo ...
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