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Ian, it's not evaporation cooling the cannister (as such), it's the dropping pressure in the cannister as the gas is used. PV=nRT is the formula. Pressure x Volume is proportional to Temperature (n & R are ...
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Thanks Madpom. Your Lennox route worked a treat although there was heaps of treefall heading through the beech forest from Kea Basin, and the "Earnslaw Highway" was a happier option than heading straight down the ...
Cameron Hut at the base of Mt Arrowsmith.
Look for the large orange triangle at 560m. The main stream turns off to your (climber's) right. The correct route continues as a bush-covered small stream. This turn-off is better marked now than it's ever ...
Really appreciate this thread. It came just in time after my 5000mAH powerbank crapped out and refused to charge at the 11th hour before a 5 day tramp. Never go cheap and get a powerbank ...
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That adapter is available on aliexpress so no need to figure out. However do consider those canisters are straight butane with a boiling point of -0.5. Not great in cold weather
There are a couple of good campsites on the route. One is sheltered and it's down where a tarn lies, 500m south of the summit of Mt Allen. The other is nearby a junction where ...
an official investigation was conducted after the incident. it was headed by Graeme Dingle. he said the gear they had was adequate... but they shouldnt have been where they were in the conditions... it was hard ...
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Hi Bernie, I'll have to try that out! It definitely didn't used to print at precisely 50K (as in 2cm = 1km) when at zoom level 13 on topomap, but perhaps they've fixed that. Ian, ...
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Thanks trampers This link is helpful:
It's been discussed many times before, but always good as a reminder. >**Police urge campers, trampers to carry distress beacon** >Police and...
Thank you everything! Think we're good to go :) @nzbazza Good suggestions, I've got a variety of foods. And she has a bunch of sweets, she's very good at planning out when to have the ...
rely on physical vents for breathability, it trumps breathable membranes hands down
thanks for the reminder!
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And speaking of drying, you don't dry your boots close enough to a fire that it would be too hot to hold your hand there. Otherwise you can trash the leather. Wish I'd know this ...
From DOC's website: "DOC will provide a full refund for COVID-19-related cancellations including if people are unwell, subject to travel restrictions, concerned about COVID risks or are not able to meet the vaccination requirements." https:/...
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Thanks for your replies. Yes, sleeping in a wet tent would be a nightmare!. That Nomad tent looks pretty good and at a decent price. Anyone had experience with them?
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Thanks everyone for the advice! Another present sorted :-)
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Hi There was a post started a few years ago on favourite NZ tramping books . To add to that Shaun Barnett has just put out a lovely book “Across the Pass, “ with a wide ...
I've discovered the Pics PB slugs. Great with those oversweet muesli bars as it reduces the GI when eaten in tandem. Pics PB is runnier, oilier and has more salt than our usual PB we ...
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3M transpore is bloody good tape for mending holes in duvet jackets. It tears into the desired size easily and survived being washed, no trouble. It would be just as good for a sleeping bag. ...
For some more variety in dehy veggies, beans and soy-based proteins, have a look at HarmonyHouse Foods, website, which is an US-based but they do sent to NZ (10days before delivery in Aug.2021). Select ...
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Another one for you - colleague just back from an ascent of Mt Adams. 2140m vertical height difference, most of it in 5km! Ice axe and crampons - but he describes it as a scramble ...
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Not enough info to draw any meaningful conclusion.
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