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Tararuas attract a huge number of trampers. Could possibly be the busiest forest park in the country. You have the 3rd and 6th largest city plus 2 major towns and ...
Probably not helpful, maybe 15years I was doing a recce for a club on the new NS track. I stopped for lunch and the earth started shaking, initially thought earthquake, ...
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Hello Trampers !!! I'm looking to go for a tramp on the Dusky Track, between the 7th and 10th on May. I would love find someone to join me for this trip ...
I’d like to do the section from Whangarei heads north to Russell one day. Have done plenty of overnight trips in the middle part here.
I also remember this event quite clearly. On many occasions I marched, ran or swaggered past a memorial to those lost. I've also developed friendships with many people who were ...
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This is hilarious for anyone who's been around American long-distance hikers haha
Going back for another go this weekend. I have been told very recently that most of the wreckage was recovered around 20 years ago. Apparently this can be found in ...
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Glen Currie has started a Facebook page called Mount Somers Walkway and made me an administrator.For a number of reasons,this will be temporary for me and someone else will pick ...
Slightly off the subject.I have oft quoted a story about Braden Currie taking his new bride with MTBs from Comyns Hut through to Cookies Point & out to the road ...
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Was wondering what had happened to you, saw your entry in Maropea Forks a day before us. Our route from there was Otukota, MP range, Crow, McKinnon, Waterfall... Shame you ...
I've done the Wangapeka then Heaphy return twice, both tracks are nice walking and relatively easy however the Wangapeka has a really rough section from just above Taipo Hut to ...
Thanks all, will head to Carrington on Friday, if weather looks okay I'll try for the three passes route, but otherwise will try those overnighters mentioned. Thanks
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Here's a bit more info from the SAR section of the website. Tragic and terrible. I'm almost certain that all of us who visit this forums page are aware of ...
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I've been and done it. Due to 200mls of rain two days before it was very muddy in parts, and the sphagnum moss bogs were hazards to avoid. Elevation went ...
Protein powder is a great milk substitute for porridge. One table spoon per packet of instant porridge packet is delicious. Toilet paper minus the roll is minimal weight and space ...
Thanks. I refreshed and it worked that time. I'm not sure what was going on previously.
I love my red split lentils. Easy to carry..with 500 gr and some rise you have at least 6/7 dinners. Add some rise or pasta.
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I pick and choose what threads to read. If I don't like the thread or it is of no interest to me - or if a boring know-all is relentlessly ...
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Car hire - can work out cheaper than shuttle and infinitely more flexible.
@Izogi - good to hear - yea I never encountered that part that you ae pictured in - I advised Aimee that I found some logging trails at the base ...
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Just a quick note for non locals to let you know that there has been quite a lot of damage to tracks from the recent floods. This is widespread and ...
I've just been informed by a mate who was up the Styx yesterday that the river has changed course in a couple of places damaging the track route. Access is ...
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Nice one Justine, glad to hear it. How would you describe your experience and what advice would you give me when my back starts to cooperate?
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With respect to the Moderators tolerance so far, I'm dropping out of this thread. I'm more likely to mail respond if something comes up.
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