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Thanks. Sounds worth a try.
That kumara mash has potato flakes in it. A bit pricey for what it is really but despite this I have bought it a few times. Vegans may want to ...
Thanks nzbazza & Guys. I've had close shaves with cookers being heated off-centre & plastic coated handles copping some heat. Was wondering about the inverted pyramid shape & side handles ...
@gaiters, Rather eloquently put "an ugly part of a beautiful range". This link has a name and phone number for access from about 6-7 years ago.
look at the australian who was rescued from Mt aspiring recently when he has come over here he has gone for ambitious well known but difficult routes that have turned to ...
I am never a fan of private messaging, because if others are interested in a topic and happen upon a forum thread and the answer was hidden away in a ...
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No I want the larger model that starts the size of a day pack. That even has the kitchen sink and solar powered dishwasher
ODT is owned by Allied Press. Not part of the Stuff/Fairfax swamp.
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That would be nice Honora - hopefully the message is trickling down to those (sometimes oblivious) folk at LINZ that kiwis are sick of being denied lawful access to these ...
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Yup - its very accessible and easy walking - so like Abel Tasman - tends to get very very busy. Tenting will definitely make things more enjoyable for you.
"Lost in the rainforest," maaaayte. Seriously, if this guy had taken an Esky and Doona with him, none of this would have happened.
Yes that is it ,and it's open hunting all way from the divide to the saddle.
Do you still have the old boots? Have a look to see what the differences are and figure out how to resolve them. It might mean going back to a ...
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Yeah, I'd agree with Gaiters post, if there's chance feet are likely to stay dry I'd use my Crocs for the crossing, like I did with the estuary crossing at ...
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Heavier kit than a paper map, but some people use them. Solar mobile powerbank - can also be line-charged If you're just re-locating sparingly, could be handy for some ?. ...
its the brain trying to join the dots and fill in the gaps when they see what they think is part of a deer, they often think they know which ...
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Very nice photos!
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I dont have an issue with goretex linings - they seem to help my boots dry out a bit faster but then again I try to avoid major wet-feet trips. ...
Hi mikiejhinton. Thanks for the advice & encouragement. Funnily enough, I considered doing an alpine course 4-5 years ago to expand my reach (so to speak), but none of my usual ...
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Said pilot was being paid. Despite what he thought about the whole thing you can bet he told his tourits he would be ringing the constabulary about the whole thing
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His name was published 6 days ago. He was a Chinese Malaysian. They still don't know if he fell or just wandered off the ridge. Either scenarios are possible in ...
Hurrah! The problem mentioned above was the issue, it took a couple tweaks to resolve. I think it’s right now. I could also add the option to log out of ...
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Camped on top of mid King around this time of the year a few years ago. She was as cold as a brass monkeys. Tarn was frozen over. Its a ...
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surveys still show a reasonale percentage of tourists are here because of lord of the rings and hobbit movies and various other movies, the latest mission impossible movie was shot ...
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Looks like the Wakarara Rd to Makaroro River access is open again: "From the carpark, follow a poled route (marked with orange track markers) along the farmers fence line and through ...
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