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All poles Ive run into will do the job. They are not going to break on you. However the features on some expensive poles makes them worth the money. I ...
Lowa Tibets Expensive ($700) but are built like a behemoth
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> ...until eventually he met a situation he couldnt cope with which happened to be severe enough to kill him ...and most likely someone else, which makes it even more sad.
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From a comment on Facebook: "They were told it wasn’t that easy to follow in the clag before they left herapai and didn’t have a gps on them lucky for ...
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The reality is that a strap will always slide to the loosest point. Thats why socks fall down and shorts legs ride up. If your hips are smaller than your ...
A few updates on my experience with inreach. The smartphone app that goes with it has become somewhat buggy since garmin took over from delorme. Had it fail a few ...
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""Snow closed the Milford Road overnight, and MetService issued road snowfall warnings for the Lindis Pass and Crown Range Road, as a disturbed west to southwest wind flow affects the ...
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yeah gamble to go there, especially with all the heavy rain, could be a stream gets blocked or is already damed and breaks sending a flash flood through the gorge.
Another glitch it would seem - photos are again grey boxes (in samsung browser but ok in chrome) on the home page and photographs pages. They are OK, however, if ...
You could always go to Tasman Saddle Hut . A balmy -23 this morning. Just the thought of that causes severe shrinkage.
Walked the Hillary Trail over Easter with my 13 yr old girl and her friend. They did really well, the last day is a pretty epic 30 km for a ...
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This is a great trip but if its been raining the water comes right down the narrow gut that you walk up to the pass. The stuff you walk on ...
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Good to see the jpg pic function working again. Thanks Matthew. 10th Feb is the telescope photo of the distant Falcon Heavy payload.
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mesh or loose knitted fabric that lets a lot of air through open pockets into the jacket
Yes, it's a very good time for going any cool place
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It's just another tool in the kit which may or may not be of assistance . There are so many circumstances possible, it is hard to say if it will ...
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Another option is to drop off non-empty canisters at hostels (call first obviously). Many have a hiker box. We always try to score free canisters from a hostel if we're ...
Thanks for the link @izogi. For those in a hurry caa have a summary here: And a faq here which includes an answer to the very question being asked:
1 2 3 has a forum devoted to the OT; a good source of important info and somewhere that specific questions can be answered. It's very busy (like the Routeburn) but, to my ...
thanks for the link for status of pastoral leases, Matt. I've bookmarked it. Very useful.
Hi guys, @Kreig and I must have been on some kind of similar "forum break" as I noticed he's back too. Not sure many will know me if i'm totally honest, although ...
I'd love to help. It's a walk i have enjoyed three times and in different ways. I will probably touch on it again. Unfortunately, i'm in Brisbane right now. ...
There's an excellent Stuff feature, from this month, on the motives for the mouse eradication at
the no of great walks has been unchanged for years , i think the wanganui river was the last one added, the rest of them have been around for decades... now ...
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I opted to sidle the gorge, it was slow going for me. had to climb a few hundred metres up to get away from the steeper slopes.
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