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Yep, as feared these closures a becoming sweeping. Here the widely proposed closures extended to Coromandel and other areas.. At least worth making submissions for what it's worth to email address ...
Can make cases plus/minus many of the above. Te Paki Coastal Walk, which I've done most of several years ago, as you say relatively easily walk-able, transport to from/it is ...
I'm unsure how Pacific Forum countries work. I think Australians typically come here in a different type of visa, and one which doesn't require them to leave within a certain ...
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Aye. Comes online with the current logo. Automatic sign-in working too. Fantastic !. Thanks.
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Cheers Izogi - I did actually find that write up already!
yes its still low wages with the sherpas being the best paid.
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Thanks for all that. Walked the Poteriteri loop clockwise so didn't hit the high stuff till today. Snow down to about 800m coming out over The Hump. Horrible stuff - ...
I've done the inca trail, and the three day trek seemed pretty well sorted. It felt like there was very few tourists along the way because of the way they ...
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I haven't seen a forum on this - the DOC's new booking system has gone live. So far you can only book the Rakiura Track.
This sign was at Otaihanga domain where freedom camping is very common. **Dont view this if your at work ahaha** ![](
I took my almost two year old to Te papa last week and he absolutely crapped himself in the Gallipoli exhibit. He really thought they were giant humans. That Avalon ...
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Agreed. Some buttons would be great. I'll get that on the list.
its hard to get DWR back to what it was when it was applied in the factory. good dwr usually needs a lot of heat for it to get it to ...
paclite is terrible for breathability. gore tex isnt the best, various other technologies are comparable or better for breathability gore just put massive sum into marketing themselves as cutting edge, their material ...
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I often compare MetService with and find MetService are usually more pessimistic with the rainfall. Weather Underground is great for little local forecasts e.g. we used the Cass forecast ...
> More clarity in how the reporters phrase these things, ability to ask the right questions would be helpful In this case I think most or all of the information has ...
Third thumbs up for Arcteryx Atom - I've been climbing with ice coating the outside of my Atom, and stayed warm. I use an Alpha SL hardshell as a windbreaker/light ...
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Thanks Yarmoss, will do. much appreciated
As said earlier, I support a border levy and increased money from central government. The split pricing makes foreigners feel picked on as they don’t consider the tax contribution Kiwis ...
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CRKT Folts neck knife. Minimalist so light weight, cheap but sharp, and comfortable handle. Has a couple of point styles so you can pick the one that suits your intended ...
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Hi @Bagger. > Skill and experience just improve your odds. They don't neutralise risk. I completely agree, but skills and experience do help one to understand risk. Outdoor pursuits nearly always have some ...
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OK thanks all - I obviously got a bit confused re: where the topomap labels the location of the Waiohine Pinnacles. I wont be going over these after all as ...
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Cheers for the Info guys. I have just returned from my trip. I ended up walking up to Shelter Rock hut for the first night and there was a heap of snow ...
I actually found one made by a Korean company it's a blanket weighs 350g and stays heated for 9 hours charge by a simply battery charger.
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True. To be honest I doubt that after the sar has responded and found it was a dog rather than human they are not going to do what they can for ...
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