What is your favoutire Back Country Cuisine meal?

With so many different Back Country Cuisine options to choose from, we are interested in hearing what peoples Back Country Cuisine recommendations are on what your favorite Back Country meal is. http://bit.ly/2q479nQ
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The BCC venison risotto is delicious. I've been adding olive oil to the meals and it improves them greatly. I'm restricted by being GF. I've bought a few of the other brands from Red Moose as well. They are a nice change from BCC. The worst BCC I found was of theirs was the Babootjie. I was going to share one with someone one time on a course and she said, don't bother. It was really like dehydrated vomit (chutney flavoured). I like the Cottage Pie and Fish Pie flavours as well but you can't always find them at South City New World. I often add other starches to the rice-based meals and it does give variety to a succession of BCC meals on a big trip e.g. pasta, polenta and the dehy refried beans that Matthew got me onto. If you do want to dehydrate your own cheese on the trays, you can grate it onto baking paper corresponding to a template of the tray. It is a good substitute for parmesan when making pesto, I find especially the Mainland aged tasty cheese.
A few people mentioning the bcc dehy mince. I only tried it once but once rehydrated it was either a vaguely meaty paste or mild gravy depending on how much water you put in - certainly not mince. Reminded me of the filling in the $1 meat pies they sold at the vietnamese bakery in Mulgrave ... Was I just unlucky (with the BCC, not the pies)? Or is that how it always is?
No, you were not unlucky, mate. IMO BCC is the worst bar none. Absolute Wilderness runs rings around BCC. Although a bit more dear, the meat is actually meat, not soylent green. In addition, AW does not add a kilo of sodium to their meals.
Yeah, I use the bcc dehy mince. Agree it's not particularly appealing as mince, I just use it as a source of protein and iron. Flavour from Japanese curry block and or a packet of oxtail soup and the like. I usually do an all in one pot with rice and some of the bcc mince. I get a bit of texture from a bit of dehy veg and dried mushrooms from the asian market. Yes, it would be good to find an alternative with a bit more texture and flavour to it. In North America we used a lot of instant refried bean mix that was cheap and worked well. Haven't been able to source it here. I've been meaning to try TVP. Some of the split lentil and pea dahls can work well - toor dahl cooks about as quickly as the rice. I've also been meaning to try a toor dahl - coconut powder - tomato soup creamy but mild indian curry on the kids. On a longer trip flour and yeast is worth taking. Chuck in some milk powder and soy flour for extra protein and make nan breads if you're in a hut with a frypan lying around.
I've had a look on the Aji online shopping website to try and find the dehydrated refried beans. I couldn't see them so sent them an email. I hope it works... I've got beans here I bought directly from their shop and they are really tasty and reconstitute quickly. I use them to pad out the BCC dehy mince.
My favourite ones are still the first two I ever tried over 10 years ago. They are Roast lamb and vegetables and beef teriyaki. I wish there was more products on the market to choose from, doesn't seem to be much in the way of freeze dried food available.
My new fav is Lamb Fettuccine They have changed the cooked breakfast......not happy :(
Back Country Cuisine Vegetarian Stirfry. The only vegetarian meal in my selection and only one of three in the range. I just love the rice noodles in this dish and out of all the meals I tried this was a real surprise.
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Started by RedMoose
On 11 May 2017
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