Anybody tried "Radix Nutrition" freeze-dry ?.

""100% Natural Free from refined sugars Organic where possible Free from additives and preservatives Sourced globally from climates where each ingredient naturally thrives"" Other suggestions not BCC or Outdoor Gourmet appreciated ?.
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Endorse the Radix. Our meal was like real food! Juicy chicken but it would have benefited with the addition of a packet of miso soup as it was surprisingly underflavoured.
Thanks for sharing it sounds good. I heard this first time so, I am looking forward to this. -------------------------------------------------------------------- IELTS Classes in Nagpur
Tried one of these for the first time just the other day. I agree with Honora that texture wise it was a lot better than other alternatives and it did feel like eating "real" food. It was definitely lighter on flavour than I expected — though not in a way that made it hard to eat. I also found them smaller/less filling than say a Back Country 2-serve though I wasn't lacking for energy the next day (not that I had a long day). I will definitely be giving them another go but will probably throw in some extra rice, couscous or something to pad them out a bit.
sounds good thanks for the heads up.
We ate 4 radix meals on our recent 8 day tramp, pretty nice stuff. But after 4 in a row, it was time for something different, so a Back Country mashed potato and beef was great. They are all curries (at least the ones we had), and taste great. The additional choice is a good thing. If you mix and match with mashed potatos and other brands, I think one should have enough variety to eat dried meals for pretty long. I'm a member of the Tramping in NZ facebook page and they currently are running a 20% discount for them, so we bought heaps.
@giuseppe23. Some time ago I contacted Radix about stockists as I was keen to try them out (based on comments in this thread). See response below and helpful tip about the Post Restante that would let you get it shipped straight to Wanaka instead of home. "Unfortunately, we do not have at stocklists in Nelson. We only sell the meals via our website or our physical store in Hamilton. We can send some meals to the Post Restante in Nelson (Post Office) where they can hold a parcel for 7 days until you are ready to collect it. This is great for people who do not have a physical address to have something sent to them. It may be an ideal option for you. Our delivery service will take 1-2 days to arrive I Nelson so you could order them before you leave and they’ll be there once you have arrived. "
It's crazy how you wrote that. You won't believe it but after I read the this post I went straight on the website and I was about to order a couple for Australia but the postage is not convenient at all...$20 dollars. So I sent an email and ask them if they eventually sell the product in Wanaka... So you already answered me...thanks buddy @moh
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On 13 August 2018
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