Food for long Tramps

HI Guys I need some help for food for 8-10 day tramp Hollyford Track next March.Four to five days is easy,so what is the best way to do it. I have oates and powered milk for breaky and Back Country meals for dinner,is there a high energy bar you can have for lunch out there,i am one of those trampers who once starts walking i keep on going with only brief stops for photos etc
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I think the Hell Mission guys will be able to give you good advice on how they did it. Their website is worth a read. I suspect they combined several tramps into one long hell mission.
Has anyone tried dehydrated rice milk as an alternative to powdered cow for those of us that should avoid the latter? Use the liquid stuff on cereal and it's great ... though not so nice in coffee/tea. But since the only thing I really use powdered milk for is breakfast it would solve my problem when tramping. I see the powdered variety advertised online in 1kg bags - but the postage rates mean that the minimum realistic order is 5kg. So before I fork out $20 for the minimum 1kg to try, has anyone else tried this, and is it: easy to make up in cold water, drinkable, and of similar taste to the normal liquid varieties?
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Our local health food shop has rice milk powder. $14.50 for 400g.I am happy to post you a packet if you want.
Rice and soy milk powders mix better than milk powder so if you like it why not. They also keep longer than real milk powder. I think the soy tastes sour and the rice far to sweet but thats just me. We also go out regularly with someone with a severe soy alergy so these are completly off menu. I will keep to milk powder which is fine in porridge but lumpy if you try and put in boiling coffee. The coconut milk powder is magic for cooking but its not meant to be a milk substitute
Must investigate the rice milk powder. Thanks for that and the info about Aji's dehy refried beans. Aji's have located to the suburbs since the Feb 22 quake. I get a regular newsletter from them even though I'm not too keen on chillies.
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Half a cup of couscous . One serve of dehy veg mix . Spice mix of quarter teaspoon each of ground coriander, cumin and paprika . Half a vege stock cube and as much chili as you like . Two verkerks chorizo sausages, they are on the shelf at countdown, weigh 90 grams for two . This meal packs down super small, half the size of a BCC . Lighter than a BCC . Uses hardly any fuel, any time . Just bring veg and spice mix too boil for a minute or two, take off heat, stir in couscous, put lid on billy . Cut chorizo into thin slices, add to couscous, top with a few sliced almonds, enjoy . For breakfast a bowl of porridge with dried fruit . Lunch a small block of energy chocolate a muesli bar and instant soup . Add a few brews and thats it for a day .
Oh and best of all, the meal only costs a few dollars a serve rather than fourteen dollars for a BCC
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I suspect the above poster is a bit biased...yes, I've tried the BCC "icecream". It's more like a fruity creamy instant pudding but I guess it would have the flavour of icecream if not the texture. The freeze-dried strawberries in it are particularly nice. Wistfully reading my old posts from before I was gluten-free however they do have a lovely corn couscous which I think tastes better than the wheat one. Those crackers are a thing of the past, the GF ones aren't so nice unfortunately e.g. rice crackers and corn cruskits.
We have started taking One Square Meal bars which are packed with calories. Is this a good choice of food for a meal?
OSMs are fine if you're not gluten intolerant etc. However I suspect that the weight of a few of those - for a long trip - wont be palatable. Honestly - you are better off making your own bars. 90% of the commercial "muesli bars" seem to be air & sugar. I made some based on seeds, quinoa flakes etc (all for long burning energy), condensed milk, honey, a bit of choc & coconut oil. They turned out to be tasty and very very light
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