Harraways Easy Cook Oats

During my last visit to Pak'n'Save, I noticed Harraways have a new variety of oats. It is finer ground (similar to those instant oats sachets) and is in a very convenient 280gm mylar ziplock pouch. Much quicker to prepare than normal rolled oats (or I had been using Scotch Oats) and a nice size to carry for a few nights. If the pouch size is only for introductory release, Im going to keep it and refill it :-)
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the fact is some carbs esp refined ones are absorbed through the gut faster than sugar is and can be worse ant spiking blood sugar.... you need twice the amount of water to absorb sugar optimally, otherwise the absorption rate drops even lower and large amounts of sugar can further slow down absorption, hence why you can have stomach problems with very sugary food because if its held in the gut it starts fermenting
weetbix is better than cornies or ricies - yes, it is but not as good as a couple of eggs (in my preference served with spinach and coconut yogurt). Often its not the weetbix its the tablespoon of sugar some people put on to make them palatable. stomach problems with very sugary food because if its held in the gut it starts fermenting That sounds like an excuse best kept for Mr Plod at the checkpoint (sorry sir but I havnt been drinking, Ive been tramping, eating lots of sugar and not enough water) This is now quite a few menus from porridge
no its not an excuse, its scientific fact, but i'm not going to bore people with the details of the studies.
I meant when the crystals all turn green
Saw them on sale at New World the other day too, but not Countdown (yet?)
they are at my local countdown. get quick oats otherwise
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Started by pseudo
On 27 June 2018
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