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  • Also looking for advice and/or a partner in May

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    My Garmin gps absolutely rocks.
  • Looking for a tramping partner and/or advice

    Thanks for all the advice, I will definitely check out those routes! I'm not super worried about the weather, it's not so often that optimal in Finland even in the ...
  • Which telco?

    Great - thanks honora. That sounds better than I had expected. We head out over Yuletide so might be able to txt the transport people. In fact, if the weather is ...
  • Auckland DOC visitor centre closed

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    Ah yeah I will post to the TA facebook group as well to let them know. I sent emails to google and rankers and a few others, I think most of ...
  • Early March TA Conditions.

    If you find a good route description of Te Araroa you can follow it closely on the topo map below. At that time of year, in those latitudes, you should probably ...
  • Kaikoura earthquake

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    cheers for that Ian_H. Hope this mention brings him a bit of work. He deserves it after all this.
  • Hammock on the Te Paki & Hillary Trail?

    The Hillary is my back door step, it's a really good walk - a lot of up and down. Hammocks not really suitable, take a small tent and mat. Mosquitos ...
  • Transport to Stewart Island

    hey a friend and I are looking to head down to Stewart Island on the first of November from Christchurch. Would love to link up or jump in with someone ...
  • Hollyford in early January, and other suggestions

    Thanks for the information. Really useful.
  • "The wasps went absolutely ballistic"

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    Vespex is the one DoC is having great success with in the Nelson Lakes N.P. and A.T. N. P. trouble is it has to be put in a bail station ...
  • Discounter Airlines flying to NZ have recently started flying to Auckland again. Looks like they transit through various asian ports, might be worth a look.
  • Fatality stats

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    That may happen but it would be a shame I still think there has to be an organization that can act as a form of mediator between all the diverse ...
  • Tramping in the North Island late September

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    Seconding the Kawekas - as easy or as challenging as you like, plenty of alpine tops tramping (with associated snow at that time of year), and stunning views back across ...
  • Things you'd like to tell trampers from overseas

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    one question about the fallen German. Which way was he going. It may be that by the time he fell he had already achieved more than was left and then ...
  • Hut Fees

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    I received my OIA response today. Here's the updated table. I've inserted the third section for spending on backcountry huts. (ye 2013 and 2014 are the only ones that can ...
  • multiday heli-hike/ backcountry hut

    Hi Guys, Thank you for the tips, very much appreciated, great background info here. I will research both ways: enquiring by helicopter companies around the area (or maybe boat would be ...
  • Wasting DoC's limited funds

    separating development from maintenance - User pays? - any development of a facility should be paid for by the intended users. So for the Routeburn where its the commercial clients that ...
  • Basics for visitors (and any new tramper)

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    I forgot there are 2 parts to a hut ticket. Never bought one in my life as I just automatically buy a hut pass every year.
  • critique my Feb./Mar. 2015 itinerary

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    Back from my trip, I had a great time! Thanks again to all who helped steer my plans last year. I'm envious of all of you who get to live ...
  • Weather conditions in winter

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    Agree 100% with above - I have a set of Kahtoola Microspikes and they're excellent for safely traversing the occasional icy patch. If I'm not taking crampons I always throw ...
  • Rental cars + tourist drivers

    Never mind gloves, glissading in crampons = pecker woods
  • Tramping and employment

    HikingNZ may be interested.
  • Milford Track in one day (boat from Sand Fly)

    roscoes can only have permission to land at sandfly point in may from what they told me..
  • Tourists

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    Thanks @madpom.
  • Travel help

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    And be prepared for some mud. Great suggestion, though. Also at Mason Bay, there are some good day trips e.g. climbing the Big Sandhill, then going across from there to ...

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