Hammock on the Te Paki & Hillary Trail?

I'm heading over from Oz to do a couple of hikes mid December. Wanting to do coastal tracks if poss and thinking of doing Northland Te Paki + Hillary Trail Waitakere Ranges and maybe a third? I'm transitioning to lightweight backpacking but not there yet for this trip... bringing my summer in Qld friendly hammocktent and hoping that this will be ok just with a mat for these areas at this time of year without adding to a sleeping system that I may be changing in the near (assuming that a hammocktent will work for these hikes?). Any advice appreciated muchly, cheers.
pretty uncommon for people to use hammocks there, don't know how well you'd go finding spots to suspend them. theres not a lot of decent trees around on Te Paki, not a great deal of mature strong ones on a lot of the Hillary trail
Many thanks - I suspected as much due to lack of info online around people using hammocktents there.. a few seem to blog about taking one when doing the Te Aroara but sound to be packing a tent as well - was hoping not to buy a tent in a hurry but sounds like I'll need to. Still looking for a 3rd option to tramp....apart from the great walks - any ideas on any other multi-day coastal walks? Cheers!
Queen Charlotte walkway.
Queen Charlotte looks great, but thought I'd save it for a quieter time as I'm picking it'd be peaking in Dec. Was hoping for something not quite so popular. May just have to stay with the first two and find an alternative to Coastal if any ideas for other walks to do North of Auckland or thereabouts?
The Hillary is my back door step, it's a really good walk - a lot of up and down. Hammocks not really suitable, take a small tent and mat. Mosquitos will make your life a misery if you don't have a closed in shelter. Another option is the coastal section of Te Araroa between Helena bay as far down as you want to go. Ending at Ngunguru is easily doable in 2 or 3 days. Really nice beaches and usually very few people around pre-Xmas. Enjoy!

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Started by KarlaH
On 27 November 2016
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