Kaikoura earthquake

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http://www.doc.govt.nz/news/issues/kaikoura-earthquake/ Latest update: 15 November 2016 The Department of Conservation (DOC) is in the process of checking its huts, tracks and structures following Monday’s earthquake and subsequent aftershocks in North Canterbury. DOC staff are working to confirm that tracks and huts in the worst affected areas are safe to use but it will be some days until we have full information. DOC staff are also assisting with the Civil Defence response to the earthquake in the South Marlborough and Kaikoura areas. Kaikoura and South Marlborough People are urged to stay away from all DOC managed tracks and conservation areas in South Marlborough and Kaikoura until further notice as we still have to assess damage.
I've been wondering how it was that trampers and hunters in the affected area all got out unscathed. Surely there had to be some people roaming around in the hills at the time. There's been no reports of anyone overdue? Imagine being at Mt Fyffe Hut at midnight. Phew that would have been some ride!
So my family was planning on heading up the sawcut gorge just after New Years I wonder if it will be possible. We will be heading there from Picton.
It may have collapsed. Hope not, it's a spectacular formation.
Could be a long trip going the long way ?. ""If you just take a look at the size of the slips that have taken place, the mountain's literally moved forward and you can't see the road, so that just tells you there's thousands of tonnes of debris. Now, what you do with it and where you go, that's for the technical engineers to decide." Transport Minister Simon Bridges, who also viewed the damage from the air, said it was "very sobering". "It also just reinforces to me that it won't just be what we can see, which is obviously bad enough, it will be all the things we can't see." http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/86535457/pm-john-key-too-soon-to-know-if-sh1-can-be-repaired
Probably lucky it was a Sunday night not Saturday
http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/86659703/man-alone-on-mountain-when-earthquake-hit There was someone up on Mt Fyffe
theres geographical mistakes in that article, he's not on the mt fyffe ridge if he's at 2100m Uwerau is on a different range...
The Wilderness magazine has a free-to-read article on Andy Milne's experience on awakening to the earthquake on Kowhai Saddle (1153m) and coming off Humpback into Long Creek. https://www.wildernessmag.co.nz/kaikoura-man-felt-quakes-solo-tramp/ A good illustration on self-reliance and using your smarts.
from the article "“I was really touched by my friend who was on a mission to organise a private search party,” Milne said, adding that police at that time were “flat out” and wouldn’t have initiated a search until he was overdue." Certainly special circumstances but in the case of knowing someone was at ground zero I doubt the police would of waited for him to be overdue but then again the resources were stretched and the numbers game would of dictated that 2 hours to check on 5 or 50 people in a known area was a better use of resource than maybe 5 hours looking for a single person that may or not even be in trouble and isnt in a definite place
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