Kaikoura earthquake

http://www.doc.govt.nz/news/issues/kaikoura-earthquake/ Latest update: 15 November 2016 The Department of Conservation (DOC) is in the process of checking its huts, tracks and structures following Monday’s earthquake and subsequent aftershocks in North Canterbury. DOC staff are working to confirm that tracks and huts in the worst affected areas are safe to use but it will be some days until we have full information. DOC staff are also assisting with the Civil Defence response to the earthquake in the South Marlborough and Kaikoura areas. Kaikoura and South Marlborough People are urged to stay away from all DOC managed tracks and conservation areas in South Marlborough and Kaikoura until further notice as we still have to assess damage.
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I seem to remember the scree up from Kowhai Saddle onto Gable End is pretty steep and scrambly. Must have been fearsome going up that at night with aftershocks etc. What a trip!
Trying to recall Andy and I think he was a gear designer for Macpac or Fairydown or maybe both.
@Honora Andy is an outdoor gear designer. He worked for Fairydown, Kathmandu and Sea to Summit, has his own business. "Andy Milne Design" based in Kaikoura. I remember he did some big climbs when he was quite young. Caroline Face of Mt Cook and some other big routes when he was 19 as I recall. His business: http://www.andymilnedesign.co.nz/welcome-to-andy-milne-design/about/
cheers for that Ian_H. Hope this mention brings him a bit of work. He deserves it after all this.
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