Early March TA Conditions.

Hi everyone. I am planing to kine a section of the Te Araroa and would like to run my plan by some folks who have done it before and get some advice. I will be arriving in early march (around the 1st) and I plan to hike between Lake Tekapo and Queenstown. I am giving myself 15 days or so to do this. I am a reasonably experienced hiker and a NOLS graduate. I want to know if this time frame is too short or long and what weather I should expect in march. Thanks P.S. (How do you pronounce Te Araoa?)
If you find a good route description of Te Araroa you can follow it closely on the topo map below. http://www.nztopomaps.com/ At that time of year, in those latitudes, you should probably not be surprised to run into snowpack (meaning you need crampons and ice axe) anywhere above about 1200m (?). And, if a front crosses the area, fresh snow is a year round possibility. Down to what altitude, I wouldn't like to speculate. Perhaps as low as 900m? Lower? I don't have experience of that specific region so I'm hoping someone on here who does can correct my guesses.

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Started by Yankee_Joe
On 1 December 2016
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