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Hi All Will be visiting in April for a couple of the DOC tramps. Will hire a car and am interested to find out if there are any cheaper but reliable car hire outfits then the usual pricey companies? Phil
So many people using Apex these days who look like they would choose a budget option. (also the brand of rental car seen driven badly most often) They are generally older cars so bound to be cheaper. Rental cars in NZ have to meet minimum specifications so all should be good
Have used Apex for the past couple of years and have had no issues at all. Cheap, reliable and great people at Nelson airport branch. Cheaper than a return shuttle even paying for a week and only using it a couple of those days.
I've used Apex, Ace, Go Rentals. A visit over New Years in ChCh last i used an newer outfit - Aerodrive. It can be worth checking for relocation options with Many of the others now offer relocation options.
I’ve used Ace a lot and also Apex. I always choose the slightly older car option and have had some very good deals. Definitely compare both when looking.
Omega car hire is always the cheapest in my experience and offer a zero excess insurance policy
Zero excess insurance is a very expensive extra. It could double the cost of rental. Paying that much for something you dont plan on using. Last rental car I rented I took standard insurance with the expectation that if anything happened my Visa limit was enough. Also travel insurance often covers the excess but check this with your travel insurance company
Omega zero excess insurance is quite cheap
For a recent aus rental the zero excess also gave cover on gravel roads which were completely excluded from the standard insurance. Need to read details carefully on both sides. There are (aus again) also 3rd party insurance companies giving a similar service for much less than offered by the hire company ($60 vs $250 in our case). Not sure how nz compares.
Just checked a 7-day rental on Omega with zero excess, $400 for 7 days = $57/day
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