Camping, food and... possums

monsters bite through my tent was stealing my bread. Since this day I try to store my food out of the tent, but I don't know where and how. I tried everything and since this first aquaiantance with a possum my food was stolen and eaten by possum around ten times in the last few weeks. I tried to hang it in trees, put in on water, I store it in Zip-Locks, even double Zip-Locks, nothing is effective. They smell it everytime. And it doesn't matter what kind of food it is, they eat everything. Apples, nuts, instant-noodles, muesli, toast... What are you doing to protect your food against possums while camping in the backcountry?
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Well, I didn't know that! Coincidence, I would think, unless the Roman Empire extended to include Nth America 🤔 Origin of **opossum** : early 17th century: from Virginia Algonquian opassom, from op ‘white’ + assom ‘dog’ or 'beast' Origin of **possum** : early 17th century: shortening of opossum. Source: various, including Collins Dictionary.
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Started by Byakah
On 15 December 2017
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