Auckland DOC visitor centre closed

Just went to the DOC visitor centre on the wharf today and… nothing, the place is empty. Called the number on DOC website and got a nice lady one the phone telling me that the lease expired and was not renewed and so the visitor centre is definitely closed. The DOC website is not up to date (still saying that it's open), and it seems that it is an ongoing battle to have the website updated… So I'm leaving a message here in case it might help people not going there for nothing. Apparently there is no plan to reopen a visitor centre. Sad news. Another example of lack of DOC funding? If you need a backcountry hut pass or tickets you can call the Parnell office, and she will be there about two days a week, but it's cash only (no EFTPOS).
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that I site wasnt the best positioned, unless you were going to the maritime museum and walking around the waterfront you could miss it if you didnt know it was there. they need something on queen street or the airport shopping centre where all the tourists with vehicles go to stock up at the supermarket
A lot of tramping shops will sell hut passes but wheter you can get your FMC discount would be a question. You can buy the pass on line and get the discount
I thought it was in a strange place when I visited Auckland a couple months back and happened to walk past. Prime waterfront location between the viaduct and ferry terminal, the rent must be astronomical!
Ah tramping shops do sell hut passes? I tried with Bivouac and they didn't do it…
tramping shops will sell hut tickets. Only DOC will sell you a hut pass. hut passes are linked to a specific person and non transfereable. hut tickets can be used by anyone. This is for on line hut pass purchase. You still get the discount. YHA also sells the pass at $100 but thee website suggests you also join yha for another 25
Yeah you need YHA membership to get the DOC pass at $100. And yes you can also mail the form, but that's kinda cumbersome, especially for people visiting NZ for a year or less, who often don't have an address to receive the pass…
A lot of TA walkers called at that site on their way through Auckland for hut passes and or tickets. The loss of it is going to create a bit of confusion and consternation.
I have mailed my FMC membership card off to DoC and got them to issue me an AHP and mail the 2 cards back. They signed my card on my behalf.
Ah yeah I will post to the TA facebook group as well to let them know. I sent emails to google and rankers and a few others, I think most of the info is now up to date, and I don't see opening hours anymore on DOC website or the address (but no mention that it has been closed either), so this should limit the number of people going there for nothing ;)
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Started by bohwaz
On 6 December 2016
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