Multi-day tramping advice wanted

Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are planning to visit New Zealand in the middle of January 2019. We would like to do a 3-5 day tramp in the South Island. I have done some looking online and am considering one of the following: Kepler track, Milford or Routeburn. However, 10-14 kms per day would be ideal as our fitness level is about average. I believe that I need to book the route well beforehand due to popularity. Are there any other factors to consider? And, which route would you suggest to have a great experience?
good luck with those, you have to book them well in advance and they are pretty booked out for then already, milford definitely booked out, the main huts on the routeburn are booked out so you have to do a very long 22km mountainous day between the less popular huts, camping will make no difference since one of them is booked out the weather can do absolutely anything
Hi Kylan, Waynowski is right, most of those may well be booked out. You might get lucky so it would be worth have a look asap. There are plenty of other tramps that you don't need to book. The Greenstone-Caples could be a good one, or the Rees-Dart. A trip to Siberia Hut then Lake Crucible is also spectacular. There are also a lot of nice tramps in the Arthur's Pass area or the Travers-Sabine in Nelson Lakes could be great if you are up that way, though you are likely to run into a lot of Te Araroa walkers around that time. Never underestimate the weather and the rivers. What sort of tramping experience do you have?
Thanks for the advice, it turns out the 'great walks' are all booked up for January. I have quite a lot of experience (+-5 5-day tramps and plenty of short ones).
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Peak tourist season !. Universities are closed & it's Xmas school holidays for those below that. You might find a cancellation on the Great Walks, if you keep checking. It's not totally impossible. Plenty of other tramping around. Pick an area and check the "Department of Conservation" website. Cross reference with "Tripadvisor".

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Started by Kylan
On 18 October 2018
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