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Back from my trip, I had a great time! Thanks again to all who helped steer my plans last year. I'm envious of all of you who get to live in such a beautiful corner ...
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Agree 100% with above - I have a set of Kahtoola Microspikes and they're excellent for safely traversing the occasional icy patch. If I'm not taking crampons I always throw them in my Winter pack.
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Never mind gloves, glissading in crampons = pecker woods
HikingNZ may be interested.
roscoes can only have permission to land at sandfly point in may from what they told me..
Thanks @madpom.
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And be prepared for some mud. Great suggestion, though. Also at Mason Bay, there are some good day trips e.g. climbing the Big Sandhill, then going across from there to Martins Creek to have a ...
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Hi There, A friend and I are are walking the Routeburn Track Te Anau (Divide) -Queenstown (Routeburn Shelter) direction on the 1st-3rd March 2014. Is there anyone out there doing it the other direction who would like ...
Thanks for all the suggestions! I mostly plan on hiking all the big trails n such, I'm more of a scenic traveler. Luckily I have over a year to plan everything out. Thanks again!
There is a new hut at Perry Saddle and another new one at Heaphy They are large, quite well appointed huts I think, considering the number of people using the track. There is a ...
Thanks waynowski and Chris1 I'll keep all that in mind :)
If you're based out of Auckland they are great folks to deal with. Don't forget have fun and drive carefully......
The issue is mentioned in the report of the Tourism workshop of the 1997 AGM. That was the first AGM I attended. Good god! I didn't realise it was so long ago!!
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Madpom's notes are awesome and I wish I had these then. Pretty much all these walks being suggested are described in the 'Classic Tramping in New Zealand' book by Shaun Barnett and Rob Brown. There are ...
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Thanks for all that really helpful information. It has really got me longing to get there. I appreciate the time you have taken to give me all the details. Thank you.
Just to give some perpective on this tramping with children: In 1958, my sisters at the ages of 6 and 7, did a Doubtful Sound to Dusky Sound trip with our father, another young lad ...
My husband and I waited and waited for our tent to be inspected at Auckland airport on our way back from Alaska. Finally I went up to the closed lacth down door and knocked on ...
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wow great pics mate, looks like you had a blast and good weather?
and for the Dusky, these guys offer transport:
A trip up Mt Fox at Fox Glacier offers wonderful views of the Southern Alps and doesn't need a rope. But it can be noisy with the helicopters / scenic planes. Also a more sedate ...
This site is a good place to come for GPX files. See You might also want to have a look at some of my older ones that I posted on Just change it to ...
well, this will be my last entry on this thread... I'll be in New Zealand in roughly a month...after all the reading, all the searching, and all of the help I've received from all of you...I ...
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"nice" pics? let me say "awesome"! I think I'm going to set my alarm at 05:00 ;_)
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Its only sealed to the end of the Kenepuru Sounds, then there is 12km or so of well formed gravel road to the start of the track.
Hello everyone! I will be coming from Portland Oregon at the beginning of Dec to visit NZ. I will be touring the south island for 15 days on a motorcycle. Here's my route: I will ...
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