Camping, food and... possums

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monsters bite through my tent was stealing my bread. Since this day I try to store my food out of the tent, but I don't know where and how. I tried everything and since this first aquaiantance with a possum my food was stolen and eaten by possum around ten times in the last few weeks. I tried to hang it in trees, put in on water, I store it in Zip-Locks, even double Zip-Locks, nothing is effective. They smell it everytime. And it doesn't matter what kind of food it is, they eat everything. Apples, nuts, instant-noodles, muesli, toast... What are you doing to protect your food against possums while camping in the backcountry?
Sistema plastic containers, waterproof, crush proof, possum proof, lid is a plate or chopping board.
if you have some onion, garlic or chilli paste. The little buggers don't like that if you smear a little on your containers. Use the rest to flavour up your stew though :-D
Delightful creatures, aren't they 🤔 If you are away from the tent, put all food in the middle of the tent. When you're in the tent : 2P tent; put all food, in bags for convenience, in the middle between the two people (but not at either end). 1P tent; put the food at your head. Put your pack on the outside of the tent inner (absolutely no food in it). Put your w'proof jacket inside against the inner and, finally, the food bag against that. The reason for being near your head is that, even after all this a possum still tries it on, you'll hear it and can react before too much damage is done. With this strategy, and whilst others nearby have been raided, I've never had a problem. Sure, I've been woken by the inquisitive things but not raided.
Known a possum to rip into an occupied tent, at night, and "go" the backpack cos the tramper packs fruit. Oranges were the target I think.
One way to deal with small animals eg. white tailed rats etc in coastal sandmasses in OZ is to tie a rope between trees and have the rope threaded through something like the old film cannisters or something larger, maybe soda bottles. With the cannisters on the rope at either end and your food tied to the rope in the middle, any creature negotiating the rope will fall from the cannisters spinning. You just need to ensure they can't drop onto it but that may be hard on a narrow rope.
Why not just mix up some orange peel aniseed and KCN and put a dolop 10 meters or so from the tent. No possoms will get to the tent. I will be told very soon why this is a bad idea
You'd probably kill yourself mixing it. Orange peel, being acidic, would react with the KCN to produce HCN (hydrogen cyanide).
Very good point Dont try the above. How do the experts do it?
... might be more prudent not to discuss this further.
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