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Away from the 70 odd bookable huts on great walks etc - we have another 520 or so huts on our land where DoC expects payment via hut tickets or hut passes and 370 for which no fee is charged. Is the system working?
"Is the system working?" Is it clear which problem it's trying to solve?
Seems to work mostly as long as you pack another form of shelter as well. When too many people try to pack into huts you sometimes get problems. The system relies on honesty, but I think most of the people using it are honest about it.
From my experience when there is no one to check plenty of people don't pay hut fees. Some people I know who walked the "round the mountain" at Easter (post warden season) were quite shocked at the number of people not paying - both people from overseas and NZers. I don't know if it is true or not but hunters have a reputation for not paying and I have heard some say that they are doing DOC a favour by killing deer so they shouldn't have to pay. Personally I love having an annual pass - only have to think about it once a year. I certainly get my moneys worth but even if I didn't I would consider any leftovers as a donation to the hut system.
"when there is no one to check ... people don't pay hut fees" and since the non bookable huts seldom have anyone checking, does that mean that only a very few people ever pay fees for 890 out of 950 (93%) of our huts?
I talked to some tourists recently who complained (and rightly so if it's the case) that DOC don't even sell the hut tickets in their Chch store, and instead are told to go to Macpac to buy them. What the hell... if that's the case I can understand people thinking "sod it".
Hut tickets are sold at the Rangiora DOC office…. I either get them from there or Bivouac. And I tend to have a bit of a stash of $5/$15 tickets on my TOPO map shelf for spontaneous trips. Honesty boxes can bring out the best and worst of people. There will always be freeloaders so when it's obvious, show or tell them it's not cool. When it's time to fill in dates and place in the box, I do it quite publicly. Asking for the date is another way to remind… I quite like the system of private huts like Lyell Saddle Hut, you print out your booking, and secure it next to your bunk in a mouse trap!
What is the going rate for hut ticket these days? I was going to drop a cheque down the hole at the last hut I stayed at, but there was nothing to tell me how much to pay.
How often do they clear the ticket boxes in huts, as cheques go "stale" after 6 months. @gazcan usually $5 but depends on the type of hut, e.g. Bookable huts, great walks cost more.
A hut ticket is currently $5 Standard huts are 1 ticket and serviced huts 3 tickets. Booked huts and specials are different. Going on Tararua huts Ive not figured out what you get for the extra 2 tickets
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