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I live in a small remote mountain town in the state of Colorado in the USA surrounded by a million hectares of public land. We are planning a round the world trip from March 2023 through June 2023 with a couple of weeks in New Zealand in late March. There are several different types of public lands here in the USA with different rules. The National Parks are the most popular with the most rules. The National forests are less restrictive and Bureau of Land Management tends to be the most laissez faire. Our tramping leans towards the more remote areas where there are no trails. The great walks look amazing, but seem to be rather busy compared to what we are accustomed to. Colorado and New Zealand are very similar in total land area and population. Are there remote places in New Zealand that one can tramp in solitude? Where you can you can set up your tent away from everyone? Thanks in advance for any advice
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2 working pens in the biv and the fire beautifully laid so I suspect that was the hand of Richard Jaansen, the awesome broom-cutter who was there at QB w/e. The canvas bunk had been re-covered, a glass window replaced, floor scrubbed and all was in immaculate order. Plenty of entries from hut baggers in the book!
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