Late Nov. rain conditions in Wangapeka/Karamea?

I have an 8-day window for a possible tramp 11/17-24, and an important aim will be to do some trout fishing. That's why I'm picking the fishiest area from my several February tramps back in 2010 :) How likely is it that rains will spoil my fishing and make me feel stupid for flying all the way over from a business trip in Melbourne? I confess I'm having decision paralysis on this. A month or five weeks is enough time to find good fishing conditions; but with just a week to spend, am I setting myself up for disappointment? Please let me know all thoughts and opinions, thanks!
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It’s like a life jacket on a boat, you never need it until you do need it. I got one after reading a story of some guy who got his leg stuck between two boulders and he had rescuers there’s in a few hours who had a crow bar to prise the boulders apart. That made me think that there are worse situations than just getting lost.
There's a sobering thread trending about a hunter who took a fall, if you haven't read it. There may be a market for a book of such stories from NZ tracks, similar to the "Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble" and sequel part II -- a book of stories about kayakers who got in deep trouble and did or didn't make it. The forensic reports are pretty chilling. I'm re-evaluating my notion that walking is safer than paddling, and my attitude toward risk overall. Thanks to everyone who participated in the thread.
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Started by eguillermo
On 4 October 2018
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